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    Be very interested in travellers who have been able to compare the Premium Economy cabins down toAustralia, on QF, VS, as to how they compare?
    I also hear much of Eva Airways PE.

    If fellow readers were to choose which Airlines down to Australia, (they all start from £1100 return) in premium Ec?
    Business fares are getting less from £1,900 also, so well worth the further amount by comparison, with economy fares going from £420!


    I have not flown to Oz in Premium Economy but have flown those you have mentioned. My favourite would be Qantas followed by Virgin.


    By far the most superior and spacious Premium Economy to OZ is with Qantas on the a380. Expect to pay from £1500 rtn for this. Bigger seats than the normal Premium on other Qantas, Virgin and BA flights.


    QF has a bad reputation for unpunctuality, less than stellar service standards and elderly planes. Many Australians decline to fly with them, and for years QANTAS has been losing market share internationally.

    Why not travel on SQ (Sinagpore Airlines) as the limited amount of additional recline available with QF’s so-called ‘Premium Economy’ hardly guarantees any extra sleep, especially given the poor design of most economy, whether premium or not, airline seats.


    As someone who travels to Oz 2x a year for the last 8 years….I cant comment on P+ as I usually travel closer to the front 😉 ….clearly the new QF P+ cabin looks very smart . I agree I’ve had service issues on the last 2 trips with QF – a late flight that would miss my connection to AF in SIN, and a problem with my club seat – and their service recovery on both of these issues was outstanding. I’d be willing to jump on the “beat up QF” bandwagon but they made sure I felt like a valued customer (and the flight connection issue was ticketed on AF not QF, yet they stepped up in a big way).


    Have done it several times – have had awful experiences with BA & QF, and would almost do anything not to have to fly them on this route.

    Would very seriously consider Eva – used them for the first time recently, and it was so much better. Also strongly consider Virgin, although depends if you want to be routed through HK or not.


    I recommend Air New Zealand, Premium Economy passengers get business class catering.

    You’ll have to change aircraft in New Zealand on the way to and from Australia though.


    Whatever you do, avoid VS!!! Its not just the mediocre seat in Premium but the truly sub-standard cabin service that would be unbearable on such a long hop.


    Hi all…many thanks for yr time & interest.

    Seems like a pretty even debate!
    Fares are at £450+ for Economy, £900+ for Premium E, £1910 for Business, down to Oz at the moment.
    I also usually travel C or F, but when recent fares have been £3,000+ (I pay my own fares), almost doubled in the last 2 yrs, i started considering alternatives.
    Flights & seats are being cut by the Asian players at the moment also, miles redemptions being restricted.

    I suppose the aircraft used (EG A380 better), routes via HKG with VS), though i am pretty open.

    I use SQ, EY on a business fare usually, but i am not willing to pay £3,500, though current markets are reducing this rapidly, & may well more wth the Flu Pandemic due to hit widespread when winter & schools, Universties return according to the WHO.
    fares may well fall, or more of them be brought to these rates.

    Paying yr own fares or bringing family or friends, with a balance of cost & comfort mean that Premium Economy is an option to consider.
    AF also are introducing PE on some routes, though where they will be regarded with recent events, is not determined.
    Making several returns a year mean my costs to consider time away or another trip to add annually, to consider options, with stopovers included to break it up.

    Air New Zealand was an option i hadn’t thought of, many thanks.
    Bearing in mind also, that some miles redemptions for PE run at 125% & Business difficult t get leaves a good option there.
    Again thanks for yr input!


    Don’t forget to explore discounted business fares; as you stated there are some stonking deals out there right now; probably not as inexpensive as Premium Economy, but the additional miles earned could earn you a free flight at a later date, elite status on your chosen carrier, and natch you will actually look forward to te journey and arrive more rested than would otherwise be the case.

    Worth exploring to avoid the “Duh!” moment realising that for another £400 you could have been seated up front on a fully flat bed…..for instance expedia has a good £2200 fare via KL, so check the ads in the back of BT for the consolidators and see what you can get.

    Shame you missed te recent QF sale, A380 Business Class rtn for £1999 all in.


    Brummies – now is the time to get involved on the EK deal as shown by BT. Fair do`s its not the greatest product on the Birmingham route but what a blinding alternative if you are on a Premium Economy budget. If you are going all the way to OZ it represents great value especially, you could even utilise the a380 as far as im aware on routes to SYD for example, which would be a hefty chunk of the journey…

    Im not sure whether its a special rate we have, or whether its coinciding with the Business deal, but there are also similar offers flying BHX-DXB Business, and DXB-onwards in First.


    I would definitely recommend NZ Prem Eco–with Bus.Class food/beverages, attentive service–if you do not mind transiting via AKL on the way to Oz., gets you good status miles for Star Alliance as well. The other is QF Prem.Eco–very nice width, good recline, but food was not as good as NZ– here as well good status miles for Oneworld.
    The third option is to browse through many online consolidator sites/airlines sites as you can and find a very good business class fare as a comparison. At the moment almost big airlines like SQ, CX, EK, QF etc. are slashing heavly on their prices.

    Good luck !!


    Many Thanks to everyone for their views & shared experiences.

    Actually VK’s comment on the recent sales on QF, EY, SQ, MH…there seemed to have quite a spate week after week a month ago.

    I actually booked Singapore Airlines Business LHR-SYD on the A380, & 773 new business class, for £1818 return! The BT search engine proved excellent help, but the best most flexible was direct on SQ site, where you could connect with up to 48 hrs between flights, therefore eneabling stopovers without the charges.

    These fare have now risen to between £2,800 – £4300 approx on all airlines, (Sept 09 out Nov 09 back). There have been some amazing deals down to Australia in all classes.

    Many Australian coleagues express the same re Qantas. I have to admit it looked like a Saga holiday tour there when i used the (Etihad) Qantas lounge earlier this year i Sydney!
    However, there were fares in PE for £1100 at the same time.
    Certainly the downgraded seats on AirAsiaX (XL seats) i wont try them again.

    However, with a holiday, PE may well be conmsidered by many for such a long haul. With a stopover inbetween, its certainly do-able.
    With fares having gone for £399 return to Sydney from LHR with SQ a month ago, PE on QF/VS for £1100+, £1800+ for business..they are certainly as VK states, bargains when these have all risen now to £800+ Y, £1500+ PE, & £2800-£4300 Business (SQ).

    I found Air new Zealand great on previous Oz-NZ business flights, & the business food idea in PE, a perk.
    Not a model many Choosing to create, so ,limited market, But for a personally funded trip, its worth the considerations perhaps.

    I lived n worked i Australia for several years, so going back is a treat for a leisure trip which i make twice a year. So, good value with the comforts, which i certainly found with my SQ flight, are a find, much more valued when you fund yr own trip, compared to a Business expenses purchase.
    Thanks everyone… interesting indeed…


    The BA Shareholder Discount can be very well worth having to reduce http://www.newclubworld.com fares to Australia by 10%, usually saves you about £250 return.

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