Which Airline won “Superbrand 2013”?

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    Few will be surprised to hear that it’s British Airways which is back in the top Consumer Superbrand spot, after a few years in the doldrums. BA beat Coke, Google and Apple to win this prestigious award.

    “During its 95-year history, British Airways has always been at the forefront of innovation in aviation.

    “Its pioneering spirit has led to numerous industry and world firsts; the first commercial scheduled service, the first commercial jet and supersonic services, the first fully flat business class beds, first airline to equip on board cabin crew with iPads and in 2013, the first commercial airline in Europe to operate both the A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.”

    Here is the Case Study:



    Do you work for British Airways?


    It is actually the award for 2014, not 2013, and I am not sure how prestigious this actually is. Coolbrands run an equally prestigious awards programme, but BA do not feature in it.


    And the Oscar for most hillariously blunt question of the year goes to kiwibrit. Love it.


    When I think of the British Airways brand I think of average, overpriced and clapped out. I also think obnoxious and condescending.


    BA is a safe & reliable airline whose base is located in a ‘world class city’.

    We don’t need to read the ‘clap trap’ on this forum from the likes of SergeantMajor or his relations, VK. These contributions lower the quality of the BT forum.

    I am a great fan & shareholder of BA but I find it disappointing that the 747s are ageing, many with a second rate ‘new’ First cabin, and some still with an ageing First Class. Business class ‘reverse fit’ cabin is nothing but a sardine can, with competitors offering far better comfort. The flagship A380 is a delight, but again, not leading in Business or First Class cabins.


    As a new poster I’m put off by the personal comments made by posters.
    No problems commenting about the company, but certainly not posters.
    I think BT should issue warnings and if they continue to make personal nasty comments be barred from the forum.


    How much an award is worth depends I think on the reputation and quality of the body making the award.

    Superbrands is very low down the list of those with credibility and the fact that BA can win with their products of yesteryear shows how laughable the whole thing is.


    Welcome Glassman

    What drew you to this particular thread, as opposed to any other?


    Hi esselle
    Thank you for the welcome.
    It was Airline Won superbrand – sounds good to me!


    Welcome Glassman. Good to see a new poster.

    You will come to learn to ignore the inappropriate posts and for the record BT does warn and ban repeat offenders. The vast majority of us regulars actually do our best to post what we think will be genuinely helpful and useful advice for our fellow posters. I have saved money and had more comfortable trips on many occasions thanks to the information that fellow posters have given me. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

    Bullfrog I agree with everything you say above. In the last two months I have been to LA twice. One trip on BA’s new A380 CW and the second on AA’s new 777-300 in Business Class. On the ground at both LHR and LAX BA win hands down but in the air it is a very different story. AA’s new completely flat bed 4 abreast seating is way better than BA 8 abreast CW cabin. AA have also considerably upped their game in terms of food and service on board. I would choose AA over BA on this route as I do not have someone climbing over me or me them to get to the aisle.

    Yes BA are a good airline who have come up with some fantastic innovations in the past but other carriers have caught them up and some have overtaken them, that is not a pop at BA, just a statement of fact.

    Safe travels everyone.


    Glassman, welcome to the forum. Hopefully you’ll contribute some useful travel tips. This forum is about travel, but also provides some humorous banter.

    Watching Evan Davis’s program about London, emphasises how London has evolved into a world class city, which leads to more demand & traffic for Heathrow, and the secondary airports.

    I don’t believe BA has evolved with its aircraft, hardware and products as much as it could have done, and I am a strong supporter of the carrier. That is why, as a Londoner, I don’t concur with the ‘superbrand’ title.

    Your choice of profile name, as a new member is very fitting for one of my top hobbies, ‘collecting and drinking fine wines. Much like Vintage Krug.


    Many thanks all for the kind welcomes.
    Sadly Bullfrog, glassman comes from working in the glass trade.
    Big architectural or curved glass as seen on the pods of the London Eye.


    Firstly Hi to Glassman and also wecome ,

    And secondly well done to BA in winning this award, I read about this a week or so ago, and admit to being surprised.

    The judges cited the work BA had done during and since the Olympics to re-establish themselves as a company of choice etc. Can’t remember the exact details but it did make me think …Ehhh?

    However, I’m quite happy to question my own perceptions and would agree that BA probably deserve to win “ The most improved” category.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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