Which airline offers and delivers the best FFP?

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    According to others on this forum it’s not BA, then who? Remember it is not just what’s on paper but delivers what they say…


    Definitely BA, even though it’s not my favourite airline.


    Considering my blast on a couple of other threads, this may seem bizarre, but in the case of BA, I think their short haul FFB is one of the best, but their longhaul FFB is NOT one of the worst, it IS the worst (CRAP – is the generic forum view).


    @ MartynSinclair – 04/10/2012 23:38 GMT

    Err, Martyn, can you explain the distinction please?


    Sure I can. When using BA rewards / avios for European flights, I think there is terrific value and ease of use in terms of cost / choices / flexibility / changes to bookings. I often use 9,000 / 18,000 avios for European travel and in the main the system works very well.

    As for longahul, I do not think the current system to reward loyalty is fit for purpose, especially when aircraft seats in F and C are being flown empty (ok, it could be a no show…………………..) rather than being filled with an avios booking.

    I have gone on record before as saying the airline cant just give away free reward tickets adhoc, but the current system gives BA a big incentive not to release anywhere near sufficient seats for longhaul redeption bookings.

    I am mid trip trying to use the second part of Gold upgrade voucher. I know the return flight is virtually empty in First. BA do not need to release a seat becasue once I am back in the UK, the half used upgrade voucher will be forfeited. The whole thing is C R A P !!


    Why does the Avios calculator even when you enter the class as business not calculate the business based reward cost and calculation? I appreciate business is x 2 but if it asks for the travel class why can’t it do that calculation, it always gives me a false impression until you actually use the booking page.

    However to continue the thread BA longhaul is poor compared to what I used to enjoy with star alliance.


    @ MartynSinclair – 05/10/2012 04:13 GMT

    VMTs your explanation. As Snr Management and I are now sitting on over a quarter of a million Avios, we’d wondered about using some of them eventually. I’d sort of computed that (in vfm terms), it’s a better deal obtaining Avios in LH and a way better deal spending them in SH. You’ve made it clear to me that I had got part of the equation right. I’d not realised just how difficult it can be to spend Avios in LH though.


    Which airline offers and delivers the best FFP?


    Virgin’s is good – but sucks if you fall to red in terms of customer care. Once you’re silver or gold, benefits increase hugely and so does the attitude of customer care (in this country) as opposed to lowest colour where they dump you with foreign call-centres.

    BA’s miles were difficult to spend re: T&Cs and seat availability – in my humble opinion.

    AVIOS however, I’m treating as separate to BA…and am still trying to fathom out the difference. Their customer care reminded me I have two AVIOS accounts, one with BA and one erm “not BA” ?! (but old Airmiles)

    Tier points to me on both schemes throw me, and I think they’re only related to upgrading a card colour, and do not actually relate to being “spent”.

    I try to travel either Virgin or BA for business so at least I gain when not travelling for business in being able to spend them for upgrades and/or economy flights when on leisure trips.


    Thanks for all the replies, i suppose there is no answer to this hence the lack of interest… interesting.



    I think it is important to make a distinction between the major alliances and the FFPs run by smaller airlines.

    My opinion is that One World is the best of the big three alliances.

    I find Aer Lingus Gold Circle club is a very good programme.

    Earning points is easy, as is tier progression. Redemption is ok. The Lounge access is also good, and members can use their points to bring travelling companions as lounge guests.

    There is fast track security access in Dublin airport for members.

    Because it is a relatively small operation, contacting somebody is never a problem.

    Given that the major alliances don’t have much of a presence in Dublin, the Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club delivers real and tangible benefits to members.

    This is my opinion based on my experience, Becky. I would have expected more replies to your question.


    Miles and More is good for earning and redeeming points, if you travel on more expensive tickets.

    Aegean is the best way to get a Star gold card quickly.

    BAEC is good for earning and shorthaul redemption, but pants for long haul redemption, with little availability and big fees.

    But overall, the best FFP is cash. Buy the cheapest business tickets that you can find, trouser the difference and buy cheap business tickets for leisure.


    It is hard to say which airline deliver best FFP as it depends on each person and where they are based, BAEC is very good in some aspect, but not the best, sorry, in my humble opinion,

    BA Executive Club is the best if you fly with BA/IB/AA a lot as they offer minimum 100% accrual an all economy classes, they are also really good for redeeming short haul (intra Europe) and relatively easy to earn status, however, they are the worst for redeeming long haul, especially in J/F. Service wise, can’t comment as I don’t use it anymore. BAEC is the best If you fly economy/intra Europe a lot and want to redeemed regionally.

    AF-KLM FlyingBlue, is the worst for earning miles, especially if you only fly economy, they are the stingiest among European big 3 in term of earning miles. but you can easily redeem miles on J/F with them, even in Long haul flight, as you need to fly a lot in Flexible Y, Y+, J or F to be able to redeemed for J/F as the redemption miles needed is quiet high, for example to SIngapore in F with AF require 200K one way, and 80K for “J” one way. but they are always (90%) available for your desired date. Moreover, lots of airlines partners (SkyTeam and non-SkyTeam) and you can redeem your miles easily on SkyTeam flights (coded AF/KL/DL) on FB page easily. Service wise is very good! As everything can be done via Twitter and Facebook and they are usually really fast in responding.

    All in all, don’t bother to even consider AF-KLM FlyingBLue if you only fly discounted Y but if you are a frequent Y fully flexible, Y+, J and F Flyer, I would think AF/KLM is worth it and better than BAEC.

    SQ KrisFlyer, generous on earning and redemption (one way redemption which is 50% of the normal redemption points needed, low redemption for all classes except suites) top notch service, part of the reliable Star Alliance (mostly) and lots of partners. However, the new J redemption to and from europe is quiet painful. But if you are a top member (PPS) it’s relatively easy to redeem for flight and you can use miles for Star Round the world trip in all classes + you can redeem on all VS and V. Australia flights.

    So, all in all, for me SQ KF is the best FFP in the world for all flyers.
    but for J and F traveller all are good but redeeming wise AF-KL FB would be the best.
    for leisure or frequent Y traveller and short haul redemption, in EU BAEC would be the best.


    I find United Miles & More very good if you fly transatlantic and use Star Alliance as well. I have a client who I manage his program for and he flies economy to the States and SQ Business to Australia several times a year. He has got top status (Premier 1K) and only needs 20,000 miles to get an upgrade on the US to Europe flights (booked in B Class – need slexible tickets). Sometimes it is only waitlisted and he gets upgraded at the airport but all 5 so far have come through. If not miles get re-credited. Now that he is Premier 1K he gets 6 upgrade certificate as well – so same process except that he doesn’t have to redeem miles and can be done on a lower class. If you are earning more than 100,000 miles a year across Star I think this is good.

    This would work well who have similar travel policies – i.e. only flights over 8/10 hours in business (this is the MD so he sets policy!) so if you fly a bit to East Coast US you can get upgrades on way back,but if you are flying to Asia/Australia in Business you can get points quite quickly. Also once Gold on Milleage Plus you can book premium seats for free at time of booking so you get extra legroom (silver is free at check in).

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