US Court orders seat size review

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  • Tom Otley

    Actually, this was the thread with the suggestion

    The fattest person I have ever sat next to…

    “A joint weight allowance for passenger and lugage would undoubtedly be the fairest way of doing this, although in the case of someone very fat, but travelling light, it is unlikely to be much in the way of consolation for the person in the neighbouring seat.

    My suggestion would be to yes, weigh someone with their luggage, but then additionally have some kind of sizing machine next to check in for larger customers. These could be of two sorts.

    The first would be like the metal cage which is currently used for checking the size for hand luggage (“If it doesn’t fit in here…” etc). It would be the same format but with seat arms at the normal width. If the bottom of the person didn’t fit, then two seats would have to be purchased by that person.

    A second, alternative, would be to have a large piece of plywood with the silhouette of a normal-sized person cut out. If the suspect person could not fit through the silhouette but instead got stuck, then again, they would have to pay for an upgrade, an extra seat, or simply charter their own jet.

    In this way regrettable incidents of normal sized people being squashed would be avoided.”


    Tom its a fair thought, in this part of the world and travelling to the sub continent I wish they would do the same for hygiene …

    I had one incident when someone sat next to me and the smell was awful, I complained and said something to the stewardess who shrugged her shoulders and then I asked her to sit down in my seat for 20 seconds ….

    I was moved …… Some people just dont care about themselves

    Tom Otley

    I sat next to a guy on an Easyjet flight a month ago who kicked off his trainers and filled the surrounding rows with the rotten cheese smell of his feet. Hell is other people.


    I commented on the original thread and my views haven’t changed.

    I do believe that “densification” is far more worrying. It’s still an absolute disgrace that AC are getting away with their 777 configuration, especially when you consider the routes that their plying.

    As someone who unfortunately has to travel “Y” for leisure, and I might add luckier than most to travel to places others just dream off I have noticed with increasing despair how the aviation industry has steadily moved from seeing me as a consumer to be respected to a punter to be exploited. Pushing me to see just what my tipping point will be!

    Seat width is just part of the issue, and I’m with the Yank’s on this. Not because I’m a Big Mac, Monster Munch , muffin devouring meganormous humanoid. More because I’m a slightly overweight middle aged man who wants my personal space respected and would like to respect my neighbour’s personal space. Now almost impossible in these greedily configured cabins.

    And please don’t respond with airlines needing to make a profit by reducing prices by increasing density. It’s too simplistic a way to let them off with their primary motivation….Greed to placate their shareholders.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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