UBER scam?

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  • Alex_F.

    My issue with Uber was that, despite there being a bad apple who deliberately scammed by cancelling to collect the fee and then immediately accepting the same ride from me, the customer service approach is “not our fault”. No ownership at all. Not even a refund of the canx fee, merely a credit.


    Agree Alex, and that’s the problem we had. No responsibility taken. We just put you in touch with a driver, but that driver may have no insurance, be unlicensed, have a criminal record, and could kill you! Despite their advertising, take a Uber etc, despite all the branding, taking your money etc etc, they deny all liability for anything that may happen, and that’s my issue with them.


    maybe I’m biased and maybe that’s because Mrs. LP and my 13 year old were robbed at gunpoint involving a Uber driver!

    I’m sorry to hear this. Perhaps an example of how little control Uber has of its drivers and their identity. There is nothing to stop an Uber registered driver from subcontracting to someone else.

    I now use a taxi app in Greece that shows the driver’s name, vehicle registration and type and a photo of their face. Far more secure I would assume.


    There have been cases reported in ZA and UK of Uber drivers allegedly raping and molesting female passengers. I can only go on my own experiences with Uber, that with possibly two exceptions, the drivers I have had have been polite, helpful and often downright interesting and pleasant to talk to.

    The Uber app that I use shows the name and a small photo of the driver and the type and registration number of the vehicle.


    With no doubt, issues with Uber drivers are much more broadcasted then similar problems with taxi drivers. Who on this forum never had or witnessed a problem with a taxi. I’ve seen drunk drivers, agressive one refusing a fare as it was not to their taste, drivers making huge detours, some refusing to put their meter on, one using a pepper spray against an old lady and the hotel doorman coming to try to help her, … The list is endless. And if you google “taxi raping”, you’ll see many cases as well. Black sheep exist everywhere in any industry. So let’s consider the mean rather than the extremes.

    On average, the odds to have a great transportation experience are far higher on Uber than with a taxi driver. This explains the exponential growth worldwide!


    Totally agree that Uber is odds on safer than a hailed taxi. It’s a tracked journey for one.

    Most Uber drivers are no doubt excellent. I know a few.

    Sadly, when things go wrong Uber customer service doesn’t work at all though. When that wrong involves fraud or misleading and deceptive conduct, they really should take it more seriously and they don’t. Surprisingly.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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