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  • MartynSinclair

    I have been a regular Uber user for a year or so and only just found the part of the app that tells you about your driver. In case you didn’t realise there are details on the app about your driver, beyond the car reg and his / her name. I recently found the part that tells you how many rides he has made, his star rating and passenger comment. The same is available for drivers to see about the passengers. Interestingly there is a statistic somewhere that shows the average passenger rating is lower than the average driver rating and drivers can and do turn down jobs based on the passenger rating.

    I know there are always bad apples and have read the shocking experience LP’s family suffered, I also understand the surge pricing issue and think it is partially unfair, BUT who has had good/bad experiences with Uber?

    As once mentioned, i have only had 1 bad driver, who drove with a foot on the brakes, but apart from that, I have only had good experiences..



    I only use Uber in the UK between LHR hotels and the terminals. I have used them several times in Zagreb, and the cars were dirty and the drivers were frankly fairly useless.

    I have also used them in Finland, where the savings are huge and have also found the cars to be dirty, the drivers useless and a lack of language ability (English or Finnish). However, they now no longer operate in Finland, I understand, having “suspended” their operations. Indeed, I once had to direct a driver (on a longish journey from the city centre to Espoonlahti) as he couldn’t read his satnav…. Mind you, the ‘normal’ cab drivers can lack language skills and knowledge in Helsinki as well. I once had a ‘black cab’ driver take me from the Kämp Hotel to Helsinki/Vantaa, and he got lost and we ended up in the cargo area!

    On the positive side, I used Uber in Amsterdam a few times a couple of weeks ago. They were absolutely excellent. The drivers were well dressed, they arrived quickly and the cars were spotless. The fares were around 70% or less of what I would have expected to pay in a normal cab – for example, from the Amstel Hotel to Schiphol was around €25.00.



    Apart from my experience, so many of my friends have had at least one bad experience with UBER. From drivers not knowing the way, to overcharging, demanding a tip, to assaults. Not once have I had a complaint using cabs.

    My biggest gripe though was ubers total non interest or help claiming they are not responsible but just put a passenger in touch with a driver. Despite all the advertising giving the impression you’re taking a UBER, you’re not. You’re taking a private driver who pays a slice of the fare to UBER.


    As mentioned before, I am a heavy user of Uber, and don’t use taxis excepted in Central London and where Uber is not available.There are mainly six reasons for this:
    – Safety: I can track the driver, know where he goes and how. Taxi in some places tend to trick you.
    – Convenience: No language issue. I write in English my destination, the driver gets it in his local language.
    – Reliability: Uber drivers will take the ride no matter where you go while many taxi drivers will only take the ones they like.
    – Governance: Uber drivers abide to Uber rules, taxis to their own, like in many Thai places where no one use the meter.
    – After-sale service: With a taxi, little chance to get heard if something is wrong. Uber will deal with the issue.
    – Price and choice: for the same Toyota Prius, UberX will cost much less than a taxi (-50% in Geneva). And if I don’t want a Prius, I can chose an Uber Black, paying the same as for a taxi but getting a decent car. And I can select a larger one in some locations.

    Frankly I don’t see the point in continuing to get screwed by taxi drivers wherever an alternative exist. Rogue drivers exist in any corporation. So limiting the risks by using a GPS tracked service does just make sense!

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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