TripIt? Worldmate? Which do you use?

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  • How many of you use an itinerary tool i.e. TripCase, TripIt, WorldMate? If so which one?



    Had not heard of these, so had a quick look at their websites. The first two seemed very ‘in your face’ and rather attuned to the American market; WorldMate seemed a tad more calm and relaxed. Given that all of them put your travel arrangements onto your mobile phone, and that you’re not allowed to use mobile phones on planes, it would mean you’d still have to print everything out in case you wanted to read it on the plane. I think I’ll stick to a clear plastic folder with the key pieces of paper in it.


    Kayak is simply brilliant – they have a My Trips section which outputs as a feed to populate a calendar such as iCal… so just setup the Trip in My Trips, email all the relevant bookings to Kayak and it sorts them and auto-populates your calendar

    It also gives flight alerts and check-in prompts by text

    The price alert function is excellent and feeds to your iPhone as well as by email

    I have tried others, but as Constant Flyer points out these can be very geared to the US market

    On the rare occasion you spot a bug on the site, Kayak normally send an email from a named service-manager to rectify or address the issue within a couple of hours

    Simply brilliant


    I also use myflightsapp and Tripit,

    What I like on trip it is that I don’t even have to add my trips, automatically adds them from my email and works excellent. It also creates maps and other useful info.


    constant flyer – you are allowed to use mobiles onboard, just in “flight mode” ( no transmitting or recieving ), but all these apps store the itins on your phone so you can access anytime onboard


    I use both TripIt for itinerary and Worldmate for the services like currency conversion and weather checks. I also use Trip Journal to document and share trips.


    tripit is a must have app


    I’ve used WorldMate for over a year. Helps me keep my itinerary in one place and accessible from any internet device. I find it cumbersome to have to email my alerts for the information to be added to my trips. When I send the email directly from the hotel, airline site it won’t go through. I receive my email confirmation and then forward it to worldmate. I have not used them to reserve anything only to manage my itinerary.

    I have found that upon landing worldmate update is quicker than the airline staff. I learn what gate we’ve landed at, any upcoming delays, gate changes….


    I started off, many years ago, with’s TripTracker because it was compatible with Windows CE (the original version of Windows for Mobile) and had a desktop version as well – and I still use it, because I like the fact that it is so easy to enter things on the desktop, whence they synchronise with Outlook and my mobile. The mobile interface is good too, easily allowing you to enter expenses etc which synchronise back to the desktop and allow you to export them in excel format. However, it hasn’t been updated for some years and has no on-line functionality at all, which is a shame

    For the on-line functionality I used Worldmate, and was a subscriber to Worldmate Gold for some years. However, it is expensive – and now you can get almost all the same functionality with Blackberry Travel which is clearly built on the same engine yet is free. The main distinction (from my own perspective) is that Worldmate has a web interface where you can easily amend your flight details – but it is painfully slow – which Blackberry Travel does not, whereas it seems easier to build itineraries in Blackberry Travel on the mobile itself (it autocaptures flight and hotel reservations etc in most e-mail formats – there is also an add-on for Outlook which does the same for Worldmate).

    I am not as yet a convert to the Apple platform so haven’t tried TripIt.

    I have been toying with joining the teeming hordes in the Apple camp but as yet have not found anything sufficiently compelling to make me switch. However, if the rumours of travel functionality in the upcoming iPhone 5 are true, I might be willing to take the plunge…


    Worldmate. I liked TripIt but too often it made a mess of entering upcoming trips from confirmation emails whereas Worldmate seems to get it righter oftener. I like the added functionality of WM as well, such as weather at destination, it just proves a more useful companion.


    I’m fine with worldmate excepting having to forward my emails to get things entered, even then some won’t be accepted. I can rarely get an email sent to worldmate directly from the travel site.
    I’m curious about tripit but unless it’s strongly recommended over worldmate I don’t want to dabble in it.

    I want to have one place where I can check my flights, rentals and hotel reservations per trip. Worldmate seems to do a fine job as long as I can get the information to them. Has to be an easier way.


    I use WorldMate (when I remember to). I also have similar email problems to Lenalcs. However, they seem to be slowly widening the range of emails that their system accepts and recognises.

    The only thing that gets me (even though I paid for the “Gold” WorldMate version) is the constant sales pitches for car hire, hotels etc. They don’t seem to understand “No, I don’t need a hotel for those days as I’m staying with friends/relatives etc.”

    Regards, Simon


    For the greater part I use my memory with a printout of the reservation as a backup. Most Airlines and Hotels allow you to save the reservation to Outlook which I also do and this is then synced to my iPad etc.

    Otherwise it’s another registration process, more emails (mostly unwanted) and the hassle of logging in etc. which I can’t be bothered with.


    Tripit works flawlessly for me. I don’t have to forward any itineraries. It finds them all in my email whether they are hotel, rental car, or airlines and whether bought directly or through another service and regardless whether purchased with currency or frequent traveller points. ALL the trip info is in my calendar and available at all times,even without wifi or data access. Absolutely amazing. I don’t print or carry paper around. I don’t see a reason to pay for worldmate gold subscription. Sounds like extra work forwarding. I get alerts from the airline apps. Free is the future.

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