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  • justloveflying

    For obvious and safety reasons smoking onboard was banned decades ago.

    It is then odd to read of flight reviews of some Airlines ( think Egyptair and Royal Air Maroc ) whose captains smoke during flights.

    But this got me thinking. Passengers are definately not allowed to smoke ( my inner Deltaline is coming out here when I write this ! )

    So do we think, looking at the high number of ( mainly Northern UK departing/arriving into Northern UK flights ) booze fuelled incidents, that alcohol may one day also become a thing of the past ? Snokers have to go through hours and hours without puffing up when flying, might booze be eradicated altogether for a generally more peaceful onboard atmosphere ?

    I have my bets on who will give an abusive reply first. If they do, then it will be a very Fun Friday !

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    I think that the general rule that pax are not allowed to consume their own alcohol on board should prevent most incidences of over indulgence. The cases of boozed up pax would mostly appear to be due to excessive drinking before boarding the aircraft, gate agents then have the difficult job of assessing whether pax are fit to board or not.

    If anything a restriction on supply of booze at the airport might make more sense. I am probably not alone in having witnessed people having another drink (or three!) in the departure lounge when their flight departure has been delayed. Another factor is that the LCC see on board sales as another income stream to be maximised.


    Quite simply, cabin crew can manage how much alcohol is given to a passenger, and if they appear intoxicated, thay can cut off their supply.

    I’m not sure why you feel the need to add your last comment ‘I have my bets on who will give an abusive reply first. If they do, then it will be a very Fun Friday !’, you’ve started a thread which will create discussion (which I’m sure why you posted), why the need to appear confrontational?

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    I do not fine regular participants on the BT forum are ever directly abusive.
    Somewhat abrasive and direct on occasion possibly – to which I put my hand up.

    I echo CheerUps comment above the need for your ending comment.

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    @cwoodward – I am all for having an opinion and do respect other’s points of view. However I have had hate on here. @CheerUp – the aforementioned.


    In my early days of travel.
    Sitting in the last row and puffing away like an old coal train was the “norm” for me

    Then I mended my ways and stubbed out smoking.

    I’m honestly appauled at smoke some 35 yrs later.

    Apologies to all my fellow passengers of the past.

    All part of history.

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    I was on, what the pilot claimed to be the last smoking flight to depart from the UK in 1997 I think it was and it was a Britannia Airways flight to Sandford in Florida if I remember correctly.

    And speaking about Egypt Air, on a flight from CPH to CAI about 6-7yrs ago a male steward had a packet of Marlboro Red clearly visible in his shirt pocket and when I visited the lavatory after he had been in there it was clear he had been smoking.

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    I have my bets on who will give an abusive reply first. If they do, then it will be a very Fun Friday

    I don’t like the sound of that, it’s against the spirit of the BT forum.

    Why don’t you go and join Flyertalk and argue with the people on their BA Forum? They seem to find arguments to be enjoyable.

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    In F on a BA flight yonks ago I commented to a flight attendant that I could smell smoke. I was told that the captain could do as he liked as it is his ship…I am very sure that no longer happens !


    I once thought that maybe vaping would be allowed on long flights, considering it’s seen as less intrusive than smoking.


    “………. considering it’s seen as less intrusive than smoking”

    Seen by whom? Personally, I find the smell of vapes makes me feel sick.

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    I fly quite regularly and rarely see any problems especially on long haul routes, although one particular instance does stand out from just a couple of years ago on a DOH-Helsinki QR flight in Biz.
    An Arab girl with her ‘brother’ she called him Ya’achi” but that does mean he was blood related just a male guardian, was drinking white wine like it was going out of fashion. Her English was quite basic, so her demands for top-ups were quite brusque and the young Indian male cabin crew member was continually troubled as to when to ‘cut the supply line’. He and I had been joking (I was one row behind and across the aisle) when I mentioned that ‘I thought I could drink, but my goodness’. Anyway, things came to a head when the young lass attempted to get up to go to the bathroom and fell down in the aisle! They helped her to/from the bathroom and when back in her seat recommenced berating the crew for more white wine. The male ‘brother’ was sleeping (or faking it). There were no Arab speakers on the operating crew, but in Biz they were carrying an A320 crew for another return flight, and in that crew was a Tunisian girl who had been disturbed by the fracas and came to help. The girl was put firmly in her place, made to sign forms (I guess to admit her responsibility and also to cover the QR cabin crew professional behaviour) and she eventually fell asleep (or into a drunken stupor) and the rest of the journey went without incident. I must say eventually it was handled very professionally, but I guess with a big male it could be more difficult.

    The passenger…… she was Saudi!! (Possibly the daughter of Embassy staff), So I guess being away from her wonderful homeland filled her full of joy and emotion, but I reiterate we were travelling to Helsinki, and such dark dismal and freezing weather (for 8 months a year), with maybe the most expensive alcohol in Europe may have (as it does with me) filled her with dread for her visit (or return) to northern climes!

    I do hope there is no future restrictions on the serving of alcohol, or we could all travel by Saudia or the new Riyadh Air…………….

    P.S. Before anyone jumps on my comments of Finland, my better half is Finnish, and I have also lived and worked in KSA, especially being trapped there for 7.5 mths in 2020!

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    “I once thought that maybe vaping would be allowed on long flights, considering it’s seen as less intrusive than smoking.”

    You are welcome to slap on nicotine patches without polluting the air others have to breathe.

    I can remember back in the day when one airline – I think it might have been PanAm – had smokers starboard and non-smokers port so that in the middle seats smokers were sat next to non-smokers 🙄

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    I remember Continental, taking a flight from San Diego to LHR, this was just a few weeks before on board smoking ban was coming into effect. smoking was the rear of the Y. One non smoking passenger “kicked off” at being in the smoking zone so much they delayed the flight and then capt announced it was non smoking flight, that created a true American “freedom of rights” protest. captain relented when another passenger offered to swop but still kept J as non smoking, so the passengers from up front who wanted a puff had to come slum it with us serfs down the back. Few years ago colleague of mine who was a smoker was using one of those little plastic tubes that has a cartridge. pre vape days, no smoke vapors or even smell. Nicorette or something like that, staff on the BA flight demanded he stop using it and when he tried to protest (even removing the cartride) they threatened to have him banned from future flights. he ended up sarcastically sucking on a Bic Biro to annoy them

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    “Sarcastically sucking on a Bic Biro to annoy them”, that really made me laugh Steve, that guy was my kind of guy.

    Many years ago BA retained just ONE smoking flight from LHR to HKG, the other/s were nonsmoking. My brother, a heavy smoker, travelled the route regularly and just HAD to book on that particular flight. He said he couldn’t last that long without lighting up.

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