Menus for Business class: what’s the right time for the crew to distribute them?

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  • LondonCaterer

    In a previous life I used to work at LHR on the cleaning / turnaround teams. Airlines put the prepacked bedding and pillows on the seat prior to boarding in hope that you, as the passenger, will ‘unpack’ the bedding as a matter of course prior to taxi ( that or kick it into a suitably vacant part of your ‘Suite’ !!) . This is purely on the grounds of lack of space, even on the larger wide bodied aircraft. The new packs on BA ( The White Company) are pretty bulky and would just take up too much space in the overhead bins, especially if everyone boarded with a full carry on quota.


    The chef thing is I think a bit of a gimmick, as all he really does is reheat and assemble the dish.

    I totally agree. Very much a gimmick – but at least it avoids the type of reheated TV meal presentations we often see on many airlines.

    That said they must also be trained as crew for safety issues. I read recently that for flights to the UK, Emirates is being forced to ditch the one crew member allocated to cleaning the bathrooms on the A380 because these people don’t carry crew licenses and therefore can’t enter the UK on crew visas.

    So apparently the chefs (as similarly present on Turkish Airlines flights and also provided by Do & Co) are trained to evacuate not just re-heat.


    Aeromexico provided a novel answer to the “when to distribute the menu” question, flying LHR to MEX earlier this week. Don’t distribute any menus at all!

    I was expecting the same on the return flight, but no, there were indeed menus (distibuted, for the record, before departure). The only problem was that the menu bore almost no relation the the meals that had been loaded….


    1st world problems i know, but my preference is menu on seat before take off, i do not always eat on a flight and for those carriers without dod i prefer to know if its worth staying awake for service or not


    With these days of “Sustainability” and Airlines cutting waste, it would be good to see a pre-order menu prior to travel.
    SQ have always lead the way with this, KLM offering upgraded meals for economy with cultural themes to the food.

    I would like to see the growing increase in good healthy Vegetarian food, given some regard, and basic salad, cold packeted bread rolls, margarine, and fruit banished from my Vegetarian tray!!
    It is about time as AF recently noted, that these “Amazing international chefs” prepare some Vegetarian dishes that have proper nutrition, appeal, look and taste on board our Long haul flights?

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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