Marriott remains the worst hotel chain!

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    Am I missing something here? Is there any other chain that:
    – charges you for internet
    – refuses to credit points if the reservation was made by a third party
    – doesn’t provide any email address to make sure clients can’t make requests

    Plus the fact that their hotels are just mediocre…


    They are the same in my opinion, no better, no worse than all the other chains (that I’ve tried).
    Actually, thinking it through, in my opinion, Accor were by far the worst.


    Hi Swiss Diver,
    Hilton Hotels also won’t credit points if the reservation is made by a third party; I speak from bitter experience.
    I can’t remember if their internet is free or not, though some budget chains (Holiday Inn Express for example) give you a very basic Wi-Fi, and you have to pay for a better level.
    Having said that, I’m not impressed by Marriot, and I agree regarding Accor


    It’s unacceptable for any hotel to charge nowadays for an Internet connection. However if you are a member of Marriott Rewards (even at entry level) Internet is free. They should have signed you up at check in and then you wouldn’t have had to pay.

    It’s really annoying when a hotel doesn’t advertise a direct email address – completely agree there. In these circumstances I phone the hotel and ask for an email contact address.


    If you book at, you’ll get free wifi, Rewards Member or not.

    Plus that would ensure your points are credited.

    Each hotel’s page provides a phone number, and I’ve obtained their email address with a call.

    Marriott’s Rewards programme is generous with free stays and upgrades

    I’ve generally been very satisfied with Marriott, and with their Protea subsidiaries in southern Africa. Not all their Executive Lounges are up to par (JW Marriott at LHR, for example) but some are outstanding. The evening offerings at the Dubai Deira or the Beijing Chaoyang were like a five star restaurant.

    I was at the excellent Marriott Ankara in April, a couple of days after Saudi King Salman had taken over a few floors. I understand he has a bob or two to spare, and can afford the best.


    I used a Marriott for the first time in a long time last week in Taipei. Was surprised to see the wifi charge on check out. They did offer to sign me up there and then to the loyalty scheme which would credit the wifi. I refused as much on principle as anything else. I will just avoid them in the future.


    If being a Marriott member gives free wifi, then there is an improvement. For the rest it remains very poor. On a coming trip for instance, I need something to be organised by the concierge. No email of course for the Marriott’s one. So I send a request to the so called guest services (no reply of course) and even a fax to the hotel (well, no reply either). Appalling. On the other hand, the St Regis’ concierge replied to my email within a couple of hours.

    As for Accor, I actually like them quite a lot. They notably have that great scheme called now Accor Business that, for a nominal amount per year, gives you 25% discount on room reservation across the chain.


    The worst chain in my opinion is Accor. i stayed in them several times some years ago. They never acknowledged my platinum status and were dreadful at adding points to my account. I decided to stop staying with that group.. i had the misfortune to stay in one last year in Paris it was dreadful and left as quickly as possible transferring to the Hilton Opera….vastly better. I feel that overall Hilton is the best chain and certainly they always acknowledge my Diamond status.


    Just had an interesting visit to the Double Tree Pudong recently where, on check in, I was informed that my Hilton Honors Gold Card ‘offers no benefits here’ as I was staying under a 3rd party booking – not even complimentary breakfast. Complaints to the duty manager were ignored and the matter is now with Hilton Honors Worldwide in Virginia – no reply yet.


    Is that because the third party takes a cut and the hotel has a smaller margin as a result?


    Interesting topic. I’m a platinum member with Marriott and a diamond member at Hilton (sat in the Reykjavik Hilton now) and so the vast majority of my experiences are with one of those chains. I find it very difficult to tear them apart. However, Marriott Rewards is – in my opinion – slightly better than Hilton Honours in terms of in stay benefits and points redemption. The MRW mega bonus is very valuable indeed. I also like being rewarded for the nights I stay rather than the different ‘stays’ – tend to do 3/4 nights at a time in one hotel.

    I think it’s unfair to accuse Marriott of being the worst hotel group. I agree it’s unacceptable to charge for wifi but there’s no charge attributed to membership of Marriott Rewards (or Hilton Honours for that matter). The fact that the OP complains about the chain ‘refusing’ to credit points for a stay booked by a third party suggests he/she is already a member? Thus wifi should’ve been free. I agree it is really frustrating when brands don’t credit these stays but – alas – it is common to the majority of brands. It is possible to sweet talk a kind front desk assistant into crediting these points (so I’ve heard – never managed it personally). Also, as far as my experience goes l, if you pay for the hotel (ie settle accommodation bill and not just the bar bill), then you get the points anyway. At my company, I have to book all my travel through the AMEX travel agent and still get everything I’m due so long as I pay. If – for example – it’s an a conference paid centrally, then that’s the issue.

    As for needing something done by the concierge, just call them. I’ve always found emails promptly replied to, but if you call them (in your home country), they can transfer you over to the concierge.

    Just my experience of two brands. I’ve never stayed with Accor owing to the fact that I’ve never heard anyone say anything remotely positive about them!


    I think that is the reason Simon. I’ve heard take up to 25%.


    I am indeed a Marriott Reward member, a basic one. My experiences, all of them, have been appalling. And while it seems members are no more paying for the Internet, this is rather new.
    As for getting credits, I get most of the time close to none, because my clients are making the booking for me. Quite a unique policy I have to say.
    Meanwhile I am Platinum with Accor as you are with Marriott. I guess this is giving a bias to our views on these programs. The other big bias is the expectations from these programs. I am not so much after points, but put the emphasis on immediate perks. This might be another difference.



    I beg to disagree with the caption of the thread. I am surprised that Marriott refuses to credit points because your clients make the booking. Mine do all the time and I have always got credits. Is it property specific or has this been the case at more than one hotel?

    On a different note, for the past two years I have not stayed the required ten nights at Marriott hotels yet they have been renewing my silver status. I do not try and maintain status with hotel chains or airlines but use the ones which are most suitable for my purposes during a particular year. For this reason I have had the opportunity to have status with several different hotel chains/airlines. At the moment I am platinum with Fairmont and Diamond with Hilton. Many years ago I used to stay regularly at Intercontinentals and was SCC Ambassador and then Intercontinental Royal Ambassador for over a decade. With Marriott I have never made it beyond Silver so my experience is limited. However, I have found redemption and special offers with them are better than both IHG and Hilton. At Marriott hotels I stay regularly, I have also been upgraded to suites on many occasions despite being just Silver, but I suppose that is due to the rapport one builds with staff at individual properties.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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