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    Fans of Lufthansa can now sample the latest A380 products on a select number of aircraft. Earlier today, Lufthansa tweeted that its 12th A380 had been delivered. First flight will be to San Francisco (not no date is provided). The aircraft registration is believed to be D-AIML.

    Here’s the news piece we ran last month on the refitted A380s.



    Has anyone tried the new LH C? I haven’t yet but would be interested in feedback.



    Judging by what BT has written last April there are supposed to be two A380s in service with the new products. So the arrival of D-AIML should make it three,



    Only 1 airline that is not upping its game with the A380’s………..



    Just to be clear… There is no update to First Class that is different to the current fleet. What is new is that the A380 is delivered with the newest Business Class product.



    I travelled from SIN-FRA on this plane on Sunday night. I was in F but did take time to look around as I hadn’t yet seen the new LH C product. I tested it out for about an hour as there were a couple of spare seats and found it very good. It’s not quite up to CX/SQ standards but it is a great improvment on what LH had in C before and up there with the best of European products. AF will trump it in due course but it leaves the third force way behind.

    The C menu was also good and well presented though I did return to the F cabin to eat my dinner – which was excellent.



    I don’t think there’s any doubt that with their new C product and AF with their new C product, AF and LH will leave the competition behind. Far behind.



    One of my colleagues recently flew over to HK in the new LH C. He liked it (mind you, he’s German, so he’s undoubtedly biased! LOL) but did mention that the footwell arrangement is very unsatisfactory, and that the lack of direct aisle access is also a drawback. I have never flown them and am not likely to, to be honest, but I didn’t get the impression from him that they are leaving the competition far behind.

    For flights between Europe and North America I would pick AA’s new J, to Asia I would be more likely to fly Asian or ME carriers. Not sure what the competition is like to South America or Africa, but I really don’t see that any of the European carriers has a massive advantage over any other EXCEPT the new AF C. From what I have seen of that it is a huge advance on everyone else (except, of course, new AA C). So I would agree with you, CXDiamond, about AF but not about LH, which doesn’t seem to me to be particularly far ahead of anyone




    I flew LH 747-800 from FRA-Chicago and return a few ago in Business Class ( both upper Deck and Main Cabin )

    One of the worst seats I have encountered in terms of Footwell arrangement, where due to design, you are more or less massaging your neighbors foot while fully reclined.

    The IFE was also a let down with a very limited selection of English movies more than half being very old selection.

    I expected the engine noise levels during take-off also to be on par with the A380 but it is much louder.

    All in all LH disappoints as always. I have taken many pictures and videos of my experience in the flight but don’t know how to post them to this forum.




    Flew LH new business on a A330, where the window seats are angled away rather than towards your neighbour, meaning I didn’t have any footsie issues mentioned by Moadweeb.
    I found the seat very comfortable, no awkward ridges between the seat cushions once fully reclined. The firmness can be adjusted. There was also a reasonable amount of storage, power sources, and the IFE monitor was touch screen and easy to use.
    The seat does have a few issues. It’s a bit narrow, in the window seat the headphone socket is completely accessible, and the pillows were dreadful.
    I enjoyed that the low walls around the seat make the cabin feel open and airy, but others may find this lack of privacy an issue.
    Nonetheless LH has upped their game, and this is a good business seat.



    Oh, I forgot to mention, the IFE was NOT ‘ Touch Screen ‘ What a archaic system..




    Seems bizarre that they would install touch screens on some aircraft but not on their 747s. I was relieved that the IFE on the A330 was touchscreen as the in seat control was very difficult to use, using an unresponsive toggle to control a cursor rather than conventional up, down, left, right buttons.

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