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Lufthansa unveils fully-flat A380 business seats

Published: 10/04/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Lufthansa has received its first A380 fitted with its new fully-flat business class seating.

As Business Traveller reported last week, the superjumbo — with has the tail number D-AIMB — has been retrofitted by Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg (see news, April 2).

It is the first of ten modified A380s to be delivered to the German carrier, with the remainder scheduled to arrive in the coming months.

Lufthansa A380 business cabin

The picture above shows the upper deck of the B747-800 with Lufthansa's new business class product in a 2-2 configuration. (Note that seats on the A380 will be 2-2-2.)

As before, the new seating sees Lufthansa business class passengers accommodated on the A380's upper deck, but to make way for the fully-flat product the seat count is reduced from 98 to 92.

Jens Bischof, Lufthansa's sales, product and marketing, said: "The high-speed completion of our aircraft with the most modern cabin in all classes is the highly visible proof that we are systematically realising our goal of becoming a leader in the exclusive circle of five-star airlines.

"In summer 2015, we will be offering the new business class on all 106 of our intercontinental aircraft. Out of a total of 7,000 new business class seats, more than 1,000 will then be available on board the A380 fleet."

Lufthansa A380 business cabin

Lufthansa A380 business cabin

As we reported last month (see news, March 5), Lufthansa's superior economy seating will appear on its B747-8 from November.

The A380s will be retrofitted with premium economy by summer 2015.

Graham Smith

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StephenLondon - 10/04/2014 08:09

I just keep thinking LH is coming to the party way, way, way too late to make these improvements pay.

superchris - 10/04/2014 09:05

but this is a picture of a 747, not an A380??!!

dalabu_FCP - 10/04/2014 10:07

These pictures do not seem to belong to an A380... It looks more like the upper deck of the 747-800

Luv2Fly - 10/04/2014 11:50

Either Lufthansa has shrunk the A380 or the photograph at the top of this article isn't from a an A380 - the seating is 2-2 only!

FrequentTraveller - 10/04/2014 12:09

"Lufthansa has provided the first look at an A380"......."the A380's upper deck in a 2-2-2 layout." Really? That photograph looks like a 2-2 layout to me. It does not look wide enough to be an A380.

libertyscott - 10/04/2014 16:12

So really Lufthansa is putting the seats installed on the 747-8 into the A380s, and also A330s and A340s?

Are all 747-400s getting retrofitted as well or will they be gone?


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