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    Has anyone ever managed to get back lost property from leaving it on a plane? I left my glasses in the seat in front and never managed to get them back. Is this because everything is just thrown away – or is there a lost property auction (as there is with luggage)? Anyone know?


    I left my wife on a plane once – she was sitting in a different row from me and had taken sleeping pills – I only realised when I was walking to immigration!


    GeorgeG – i think the only thing you’ve lost is the plot! Seriously though, i did once leave my passport on the plane, but the ground staff were very helpfully in getting it back for me.

    Business Traveller replies:

    Regular readers of our Just Landed column will remember we featured the “Lost and Found” services offered by Korean Air:


    If you’ve ever lost anythng onboard one of its planes, chances are it has been logged on the carrier’s website. Go to http://www.koreanair.com, and navigate to At the Airport / Baggage Services / Lost and Found…


    I left my laptop on an easyjet flight and picked it up from lost luggage at Gatwick the next day. Very relieved, and very impressed.


    My wife left her purse on a KLM flight. We were 15 steps into the terminal when we realized it. The staff would not let us on the plane. Our passports, money everything was in it. They after a 30 minute wait “found” the purse. without the money or jewellery. When asked if we could see the staff . the answer was you guessed it “no” the plane had been claened and the staff had left and totop it off it was the last plane that staff was to clean for the day. We were helpless.


    Yes there is, all lost property left on aircraft is handed in first to the airline ground staff who try to discover the owner, usually by the seat number where it is discovered then if this is unsuccessful it is passed to the airport lost property. One can usually pick it up 24 hrs after arrival.


    I’m not sure if you can recover the items. The airlines probably do have a process for these, but it really depends on what is lost and who found it.

    I once left a notepad in business class on BA, despite calling within 24 hours, they had nothing reported on their system.


    I managed to leave my wallet in the seat pocket on a recent flight, by the time I got the luggage reclaim there was a PA asking me to attend the airline desk, waiting for me there was a member of Cabin Crew with my wallet. Thats what I call service, thanks to bmi.


    My mother once left her reading glasses in the front seat pocket on a Japan Airlines plane. She only realized it when she was transitting in the lounge in Narita. She informed the attendant in the lounge about her loss. When she boarded the next flight, a cabin crew brought her glasses to her seat! She was ever so impressed by JAL.


    I once left my passport and folder on an easyjet flight to Luton. As I have a spare passport I only realised when I got into my hire car and tried to sort my papers before my meeting in 20 minutes. I decided to wait until after my meeting to collect them, and went back 3 hours later to a very confused easyjet staff member who couldn’t believe that I had passed through immigration without a passport. They had rushed with my passport to immigration confident that I would be there, unable to pass through. A member of HMRC came with my passport and asked me if I had any proof of identity. I pointed out to her that I looked remarkably like the picture in the passport she was holding!


    Some years ago, seated on a Saudia 747 at Riyadh, ready to depart to Cairo, we were told we had to immediately disembark as there was a technical fault with the plane. In the rush and to my annoyance I forgot my book which I had half finished and was in the seat pocket.

    After a wait of an hour in the lounge we were told we would now fly to Jeddah, change planes and continue on another plane to Cairo. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when taking my seat (same number) to find my book in the seat pocket.

    To this day I still wonder who was important enough to commandeer the plane?


    I was flying business class back from Seoul and slept the whole way. When we were disembarking I checked the seat pocket in case I had left anything behind. Inside was a note from an admirer saying I had talked in my sleep and he was in love with me… we have been married for 4 years this week!

    Tom Otley

    I’m going to try that on my next trip.

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