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  • capetonianm

    I have always found Schipol a very ‘cold’ airport, lacking in human warmth

    I am another who likes and respects the Dutch and the way they do things, I enjoy my stays, and have spent a fair amount of time there, but I have to agree with the above, it’s generally efficient and going through is a pleasant experience but it is so perfectly automated and regimented that there is very little human interaction. Charles-P’s statement sums it up perfectly.

    Contrary to that though, on one passage through, I was desperate for a beer but didn’t have change in any currency and no banknotes, it was something to do with the Greek crisis and everybody had emptied the ATMs. I told the chap at the bar before I ordered my beer and he said he couldn’t take a credit card for less than €10 but he gave me a beer. A small but memorable gesture of kindness.


    @capetonianm – the international order of the knights of Bacchus. Motto, never leave a thirty man in need of a cold one. He was clearly a member.


    Flew AMS CPh this morning. Went through the whole security procedure in 12 minutes despite the monitor indicating queing times up to 30 minutes. All gates were open and plenty of personnel available. Professional and friendly. No passport control as it was an intra-Schengen flight.
    Not much to go on, just one pass on a single day, but it seems they are improving.

    Once in the lounge you begin to realize how incredibly busy Schiphol is around 9:00 in the morning.


    Travelled through Schiphol again today to the UK. I was a bit worried about the possible queue at security, but was through in around 18 minutes. This was around 8:30 AM Not bad for a “busiest day”. Some delays were caused by people unfamiliar with the procedure and having just too much luggage with them.

    Again, not a bad performance, but based on a single experience.

    Tom Otley

    The Times today

    Holidaymakers hit by long delays after EU tightens entry rules

    follows our story of last week

    European passengers face major airport delays this summer

    “Passengers are enduring waits of up to four hours on arrival at European airports after border controls were toughened…
    The checks are imposed on entry and exit, meaning the delays affect Britons landing in Europe and also those waiting to board flights back to the UK. Some passengers have missed their flights as a result, airlines said.

    The regulation — EU 2017/458 — requires checks against the Schengen Information System and Interpol’s database of stolen and lost travel documents. Countries are allowed to only carry out targeted checks on a small number of travellers at land and sea borders. However, the rules, introduced in March, require entry and exit checks on all passengers at airports. Member states have until October to implement the checks in full, although many have already brought them in.”


    Tom, I have simply no idea why you would put such a link under a thread about Schiphol Amsterdam. They have some increased waiting times, but nothing out of the ordinary. They have 350 to 400 additional personnel and everything seems to move smoothly.
    No real reason to complain so far.
    The regulation — EU 2017/458 — has been in effect since April this year and does not pose any problems.

    Yes, there are serious problems at some other airports, particularly in Southern Europe. Why not focus on them?

    Please don’t lower the standard of this forum to that of the Daily Mail. Please, stick to the facts and the topic. There is enough fake news around these days.


    I have been moving around Schengen borders this week and have not had any delays whatsoever (or even had my passport checked, other than at check in).


    “The details of people from non-Schengen countries – including the UK – now have to be run through databases to see if they pose a threat.”

    These q’s are caused by the bloody mindedness of European countries (or EU members, not sure which) in the lead up to Brexit. There is absolutely no excuse or reason why passengers should need to turn up at an airport 3 hours before hand for ANY flight.

    It really is the same old story in the service sector – Staff your firms correctly….. to meet demand! (Rant over)


    In fairness these checks are not just aimed at Brits travelling to Spain but everywhere you need to enter / depart Schengen. There were enhanced checks at FRA and ZRH on flights to/from South Africa. It’s just that the Swiss and Germans seem to process pax more efficiently and have more staff than the Spanish and French!


    Yes, some airports have better staffed themselves than others. Nothing new there, it happens every year.
    And about the Brexit: nobody on the continent, apart from a few politicians, is interested in the British or the Brexit. The longer lines the British get in are because Britain never entered the Schengen-group. But this line is for anybody from all over the world who doesn’t have a Schengen-zone/EU passport.
    Again: your choice, so you’re complaining about your own behaviour.
    There is no “lead up to the Brexit” anywhere to be found than Bruxelles and the UK. The British suddenly seem to get extremely worried about what may happen if you believe the newspapers in the UK. Time to blame the others?


    “And about the Brexit: nobody on the continent, apart from a few politicians, is interested in the British or the Brexit. The longer lines the British get in are because Britain never entered the Schengen-group.”

    – these lines are 100% due to Brexit and the Europeans being bloody minded. I hear through Sky News that BA are guaranteeing to rebook passengers caught up the q’s, Easy and Ryan say it remains the passengers responsibility to get through security on time.


    If you read our news piece of last week (which Tom posted above) you will see the delays are affecting all nationalities and they will vary depending on the airport, when you travel, the route and so on.

    Last week eight AF flights were delayed leaving CDG around midnight. They were all long-haul services.

    Today there’s supposed to be a security workers strike at BCN which would, presumably, affect everyone using this airport.


    This week I travelled within Schengen from Germany to Italy and back and in Y. Plenty of travellers at check in at both airports with check in taking between 20-25 minutes.

    Zero q’s at security either end and on arrival, no checks at all… (but I thought they were nwo having to check…. )

    Returning to London from Frankfurt T2, the q to get through security was very long, in the main caused by passengers trying to use e passport gates and security not having the ability to shift them all away to the other side. Even the crew lane was being used with no questions asked….

    Entering T5, I did feel sorry for the passengers who had to line up “USA style” – the line looked horror, must be at least a couple of hours wait.

    e gates although quick, only 4 out of the 20+ were open.. there was a definite shortage of Immigration staff in the arrivals hall..

    It’s not often I feel sorry for visitors having to q in the immigration hall, but this time, it was pure horror….


    Well to add to the AMS question – I landed from LCY on Friday at about 1330hrs and flew back yesterday at 1030hrs and whizzed thru security and immigration – I could see no signs of any q. On the downside – it took me another 20 or so mins to walk to the gate – it like a zoo once airside !!!


    Martyn, if you remember when I came back to the UK to be married in May, we waited nearly 4 hours in T4 to go through immigration, I complained bitterly at the time it seems to be in every terminal now! Why oh why cant we get things right ??

    We are flying back next Month to T5 I am not letting go of him this time and ensuring we both go through the same gates as people said I should have last time….

    With this in mind we are also off to Ireland for a mini moon will we have the same issues there as potentially in the Uk with a Singaporean Passport as well as my UK?? Sorry to hijack the Schipol thread…


    Just a quick update. Mrs.LP passed through security just now in 1 minute flat.
    She will report later as it was not a good experience overall.

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