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    With the impending demise of BMI and Diamond Club I decided it high time I have a look at my account and see what I had in the way of mileage to spend.

    Without going into too much detail, I had a rather pitiful balance having only flown with them and other *A carriers rarely.

    I was pleased to see that I could donate some of the miles to charity, so did this, as well as treating myself to an M&S voucher. The end result is that I have a balance below the threshold to make any further donations to charity or do anything else with. I would imagine I am not alone in this.

    I wrote to BMI to ask if the outstanding balance can be donated to one of the charities on the list and await their response.

    A small matter to the individual, but there will be no doubt millions of miles in accounts that will simply dissapear or get lost in the ether; I therefore urge anyone likeminded to do the same and apply a bit of pressure on BMI to do something about these miles….especially as it is not abundently clear about integration of Diamond Club to any other frequent flyer program….at least not that I’ve seen…apologies if I it does exist and I have missed it.


    I wrote to BMI using the form on the above link and hope if nothing else, that some of you will do the same.


    Thanks Benji, M&S vouchers looks like a reasonable outcome for me.

    I’ll also ask for the remainder to go to a charity.


    That’s great.

    Here’s a bump to keep this in the mind’s eye….

    The reply below from BMI posted on onother forum site is useful. I have also received a similar response myself by telephone from BMI, so I believe this is the standard response being issued at the moment. So, no need to panic in my view about using up existing points:

    We’d like to advise you that the EU Competition Authority has today approved the sale of bmi to IAG. We are very aware that Diamond Club members want to know what will happen to their accounts when bmi is acquired by British Airways.
    The deal between bmi and British Airways is due to be completed around 20 April 2012. We would like to reassure you that we plan to operate our summer schedule as normal and you can continue to earn and redeem Diamond Club miles during this period.
    We are working together to announce a Diamond Club partnership with British Airways. This will include the ability to earn and redeem Diamond Club destinations miles across the bmi and BA networks.
    We will be communicating regularly with you as more information becomes available and flybmi.com will also be updated with the latest information.

    Keeley Downing
    Diamond Club Manager


    As I have prior posted I believe there has been a rush to judgement particularly from some fans of BA . I believe IAG and BD are probably discussing a solution with 1W and *A partners, particularly in respect of Lufthansa’s recent court case and the appeal.
    It is quite likely there will be a devaluation of the value of DC miles and I am uncertain statuses will be transferred but I have never thought any change would be overnight. I do not see *A welcoming any proposal to move balances to a *A carrier but I suspect we will see *A carriers offering status matches.


    There is no evidence to suggest statuses will be transferred. bmi was well known for giving free status matches out like confetti.

    There is no evidence to suggest you’ll being able to redeem on Star carriers once bmi leaves Star. bmi’s exit is believed to be sooner rather than later, and it’s unlikely BA would be paying Star carriers for the redemption of bmi’s miles.

    There is a small window of opportunity for those who have not yet applied for the bmi credit cards to do so:

    With up to 24,000 destinations miles available, this should help compensate for any devaluation:



    Equally there is no evidence that status will not be transferred from Diamond Club to IAG programmes. Not transferring them would be a sure way to alienate many frequent flyers and I doubt BA are that stupid but of course you never know.

    I can’t imagine a situation continuing where redeption on *A carriers is possible, that would incur costs for BA and I think I read above somewhere, it’s more likely that redemptions will be restricted to IAG if not BA only in order to contain costs unless LH agrees to absorb some of the bookings.

    I think one of the reasons for the lack of clarity is the awaited outcome of the court case involving LH, it will set a precedent whether BA like it or not.


    I dont care about transfer of status, even if i was top tier, which I am not. All I would like is to transfer the points over to BA at a decent transfer rate, I wouldnt expect 1 for 1, 2 for one at a push would be acceptable. Lets be realistic, we have points in what is effectivly a bankrupt business. If we had shares in such a business in another industry we couldnt expect to get our share value back if it was bought out.


    Somewhere in the mists of time, I seem to recall these frequent flyer schemes are set up as separate companies. It should not be problematic if this is the case to transfer over the miles or allow them to continue to be accepted by Lufthansa for flights.

    Status transfer is a different matter however, again going back in time, when Swiss was taken over by Lufthansa, Swiss had its own frequent flyer scheme, called “Qualiflyer”. Points were transferred 1:1 and status was matched, in fact it was extended. If your status ran out in the next few months it was extended till February of the following year.


    My silver status runs out with BMI in may, fingers crossed I can get back silver in BA. My travel, especially in premium cabins has been significantly cut! I also have 150,000 destination miles that I would appreciate being made into Avios


    I found trying to redeem a couple of flights in Jan. was a bit of a minefield with very poor availability although the held desk was surprisingly helpful. Now have about 100 000 in store. Avios would be better than adiós.


    I remember when Qualiflyer collapsed. I had 85,000 miles on TAP and they were transferred to SN Brussels with no choice. So as I have no desire to go to Belgium I lost all of them. Not belonged to a European scheme since.


    I saw the writing on the wall earlier this year, and not wanting to take any chances on future transferability, I used up all my DC miles to redeem tickets to Florida in Premium Economy on Virgin for a well earned family holiday next month. Redemption rate was the same as Virgin (75K miles) so glad I took the decision.


    I would imagine you’ll be able to redeem Diamond Club miles on BA metal (NOT oneworld) and legacy bmi until it disappears.

    It would be great of you could also use them on oneworld services, with full integration into BAEC/avios.

    Plenty of unknowns at this stage, but as I’ve been saying on here for the past year, if you have Diamond Club miles and can use them, then do so asap as the Star Alliance relationship will end in weeks not months.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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