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    Calling all buiness travellers,

    If you fly business or first class from the UK and book lasst minute (within a month of travel), there are some superb rates out there which will save you a lot of money.

    Get in touch with me for more info or at the very least, try me for a quote.

    I am a UK-based travel agent (ABTA and IATA bonded) and have exclusive contracts (with most major airlines that service the UK) that no other UK agent has access to.

    The email is <a href="“>

    Whats the worst that could happen?

    Happy travelling!


    Sorry, bit of a pointless post – just wanted to keep this post visible and I know we have some of the best fare around.

    Had a couple of enquiries already – I’m pretty sure I have been able to save them some money.

    Have a go even if it is just to test me out.


    To everyone who as already enquired – many thanks for getting in touch.

    To those of you who did enquire whilst I was away over the Easter period, I apologise for not being able to get back to you.

    I am now back and am ready to save people money – get in touch and let me save you some money – email is <a href="“>


    Here is an example of the level of savings I offer:

    Outbound: London-Boston on 28th April with BA business class

    Return: Newark-London on 2nd May with BA business class

    BA213 28APR LHR (1125) – BOS (1335)

    BA186 02MAY EWR (0805) – LHR (2010)

    Please note there is no Saturday night stay!

    My price – £3108.50

    BA price – £3821.50

    If you can get this any cheaper anywhere else, let me know and I will eat my hat – that is a promise!

    Happy travelling…


    This was snapped up after just a few hours!

    Here is another one that I have for you all – BA Business Class to HKG:

    BA 25 20APR LHRHKG 1835 1325 (arrives next day)

    BA 32 25APR HKGLHR 2340 0535 (arrives next day)

    BA price – £5738.80

    Expedia price – £5748.80

    My price – £3378.80 (saving over £2300!)

    Let me know if there is anything similar that you need.

    Happy travelling…


    Trailfinders could beat both of the above quotes and include accomodation – how big is that hat?


    LondonGuy, whilst your keenness to help others travel inexpensively is admirable, this smacks of spam and advertising for your own products, and the repetitive bumping of a thread which no-one else has replied to is generally seen as bad online form.

    In an earlier thread you even started a dialogue between yourself and someone who purported to have the handle “on_da_sly” – yet it was admitted by yourself that you were one and the same person:

    If you have ways to help us all benefit from less expensive Club fares, then please share them on the forum, rather than directing us to your own business, for which an advert in BT or online would be more appropriate.

    I appreciate times may be hard, but a more transparent posting approach would surely be more appreciated by BT Forum members.

    You can easily double the value of you BA Miles by taking out a BA Amex and spending the required amount to be rewarded with a 2for1 voucher; starting travel in Europe or flying indirectly via a US or European hub to your destination typically reduces cost by around 20%-30% (if you have the time to spare) and of course the BA shareholder discount can get 10% off most exUK BA fares, especially valuable with bargain fare sales in Premium Cabins.

    A google email address “On Da Sly” hardly inspires confidence, and though you may indeed be ABTA and ATOL bonded I would certainly have more personal confidence in a booking with a reputable provider such as Trailfinders, especially when some large sums are involved.

    Even Trailfinders struggle to beat BA shareholder discounted tickets (though these should technically not be used for corporate travel).

    If BT is to have a reputable forum, some sort of policy/moderator intervention on such postings should be clearly set out.

    Caveat Emptor.


    For the boston newark trip I have a price lower than £2500 with a four star hotel through out

    Business Traveller replies:

    We have purposely opted not to have a strict policy on forum postings, in the belief that visitors to our site will genuinely wish to inform and be informed by other knowledgeable business travellers.

    For the most part this has undoubtedly been the case since the forum launched, but of course we do still keep a keen eye on posts to ensure any spam / commerical postings are removed where appropriate.

    One of Business Traveller’s missions is to enable readers and users of the website to save money, so on this basis we were happy to allow “London Guy” to offer his help in the first instance. However as this string demonstrates, a useful forum needs to be a two-way discussion, so we would respectfully request that it is used as such.

    London Guy – we have a popular Deals section on the website, where organisations, hotels and travel operators can post their own deals and offers for our visitors. to browse. Should you or any other organisation wish to promote travel deals through this section, please email us at <a href="“> for more information.


    Hello to everyone who has been reading my posts.

    Firstly, I would like to apologise if I have offended anyone – my intention was not to offend but rather make anyone interested that there is another way to book cheap travel.

    VintageKrug – I just want to say that the reason that I have not plastered my organisations name all over BT was because I did not want to try to get free advertising – anyone who was interested was to simply use the email that I provided and I would get back to them via my work email address. Another reason was to sift out the spam from the real people – I didn’t want my work email being bombarded with junk emails (which has happened to the googlemail address)

    I also used 2 identities to try to get peoples attention – I have to say that it has worked and I have managed to get quite a few clients better deals.

    To those of you who are still weary, all I ask is that you email the address provided and see for yourself that I am legit. My agency is affiliated with every protection authority possible. Furthermore, we are a multi-national organisation with over 2000 stores worldwide and are the fastest growing travel agency in the world.

    Not only that but we are BA’s biggest partner (which makes us bigger than Trailfinders) and being multi-national, we get special fares with non-UK airlines that not many other agents get.

    For those of you who have posted better deals that the ones that I have found – our companies policy is to better any and every fare that one can find on any scheduled airline – and if we can’t, YOU FLY FOR FREE! As always, terms and conditions apply but basically we are confident in knowing that we do have the best fares so is unlikely that we will be beaten – again, feel free to try.

    I am still around and will still be trying to get you all the cheapest fares so please do get in touch.

    Happy travelling…


    Hello again everyone,

    I am going to up the ante a little bit with this next post:

    We, as a store, have been running an incentive scheme with several hotels (25-30) that are close to our location and have found that this has worked very well – being extremely beneficial for the hotels involved as well as increasing our sales.

    The scheme rewards people for booking with the agency that I am part of. How does it work? Well, the concierge at each of the hotels have an individual account with us. For every booking that they send our way, we put aside a certain amount of money (amount depends on the class of cabin booked) for each ticket purchased.

    This amount that is on their account can be used against anything that we offer (flights, hotels, car hire, travel insurance, tours, etc). This is just a small way of showing our appreciation to those who have helped us and I would like to offer this out to anyone who is interested.

    The only stipulation is that if we cannot beat a fare outright, we would not be able to offer this incentive – that is if we make a loss on the booking.

    All you have to do is email <a href="“> and put it to the test.

    Happy Travelling!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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