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  • icenspice

    Not so much a review, rather a few observations.

    Leisurely stroll during my 2h30 connection at AMS, eventually finding the 52 Lounge. Excellent.

    Given the twice over by lounge receptionist. Well, I had fallen asleep on the sofa and had to make a supreme effort to get my act together next morning, thanks to TBH, so wasn’t looking in top form.

    Seat: very disappointing. I wouldn’t like to travel in same on a much longer flight. I was in row 5 (2-2-2) central section (B777).

    Food: excellent and plentiful, especially the beef with lentils.

    Cabin crew: served by a very experienced lady. I got the impression she wasn’t too pleased with a stopover of 24 hours. And, thinking about it, I see her point. A 6-7 hour flight, but at least the time difference is only CET+2. Another subject I find intriguing, namely crew downtime.

    And as with all European airlines, don’t be afraid to request what you have paid for. Above all, *try* to stay calm and use your charm!!


    My 2nd worst European carrier’s J class after swissair’s. The Crown lounge makes BA’s T5 lounge look like the savoy. J class Seats are awful (except 787).

    Why are KLM’s desserts so cold, small and served off a trolley, like in a bakery? Surprising how much more friendly and classier food presentation AF Biz class has, considering they seem to always get the bad rap.

    The only 3 things I liked about KL’s J class were the welcome cheese cubes instead of the usual nuts. I love the detail of their wine menu. And finally, the cutlery and tableware is cool!

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    Asa Platinum Flying Blue member, Shareholder, and flying KLM for 25 yrs, i can understand your experience.
    Schiphol is a uniquer airport as are KLM, and striving the be efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Pioneering the way in technology use, Biofuels ate, it to be applauded with KLM. Air France as you mentioned operates quite differently and out of CDG which is not a different level to Schiphol.
    Most will at least agree the greatest asset is the hub, and The KLM Crews, some of the kbost pleasant and professional, happy and well looked after genuine crews in Europe.
    This includes honesty when travel goes wrong, and they organise for you options, you do not have to ask, nor for compensation, they remind you off your righta and send you the email to claim if delays etc.

    The CEO of AF /KLM, has decided to streamline the fleet, so JKM will receive the 787-10’s were to deliver to AF, leaving them with about 26+ Dreamliner 9/10’s
    These indeed have 1-2-1 suite like business seats. This will treble their 789 fleet in the next few years, adding more comfort, economically saving 25% for KLM, and are wonderful aircraft, as will be the Embraer E2’s. AF will have KLM’s A350 orders)
    They have also placed a large order for 36 Embraer 195 – 2 aircraft, which will expand Cityhopper, and form a large part of the european fleet, as Cityhopper model. This is an ongoing strategy already working through.
    The Intercontinental Crown Lounge 52, has recently opened and will accom 3,000 people and simply beautiful several floors, clever fresh and great facilities. I fin is one of the best in Europe,
    Whilst KLM had to cut much, they now make 4-5 times the profit of AF.
    Their fleet is different and modern but the 2-2-2 especially on the &&2/3’s is not market competitive, and i try to check the aircraft type used. The 777’s also feature 1 across in Economy! The AF 789 is also excellent, the same seat on their new or refurbished 773 aircraft.

    I also have had some very poor meals with KLM in Business class, even varying a Vegetarian option, and made reports to The Purser and received Euros 150 EMD Voucher as an apology. But had not changed.
    AF does indeed have better quality foods especially Vegetarion, but need their KLM chefs to devise a Nutritious balanced Vegetarian option that is not sloppy curry, salad or just fruits. Let us see KLM making some effort on this front i agree. Many Vegetarian options are far better on other Airlines.

    The seats in Biz and food standards need to improve, but it is all coming, budgeted and on the way.
    Schiphol also is expanding with a new Terminal and plans ahead for the next 20 years as a hub and expanding for the best European airport in Europe.
    I have friends who are Senior Pursers Aircraft Manager, and they are doing their best with the resources they are given..For now i prefer European flights on the 737-7/8/9 fleet and Dreamlines.

    I hope that offers you more information and that changes are on the way but economically slow.

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    Great press release MarcusGB.
    Service good, 2 /2 seating false economy, food out of Ams dire.


    I believe that, the recently updated, KLM Intercontinental Lounge is a pleasant place to rest, refresh, and work
    In my experience, the front desk staff at the KLM lounges, are always nice and helpful

    I find the new B-787’s KLM Business Class seat, very comfortable and private

    Another important matter for me is that, KLM has highly experienced and trained pilots
    And some of the most stylest, and professional cabin crew in the industry

    KLM has always been ready to help me when the unexpected happens


    I have generally had very positive experiences on KLM. I always allow plenty of time to transit Schipol, better to have time to stop for a coffee or a beer than try to spring from one side of the terminal to the other! I’m not a fan of coaching for the Embraer flights, but then again, with BA I’ve been coached to a 747-400! KLM lounges are fine for the hour or so spent in them. The new Intercontinental lounge is a welcome change. I’ve always had good crews in business class. On a flight back from NRT, we had time to have a chat. The crew only had a 24-hour layover there (which really surprised me). But they said they’d rather not start changing time zones only to change them back again once in AMS. Food is okay, not world class, but I’ve never been left hungry. I’d happily fly them again and again.


    I’ll add my support for KLM. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve flown long-haul business class with them but my experiences with them have always been at minimum, satisfactory and usually better than that.

    The aircraft are always clean and bright, the staff generally cheerful and efficient, the food is, at worst, edible, and the IFE is pretty good. Schiphol is not my favourite transit but I often start from there specially if it’s the daylight flight to CPT, and even when it’s a transit, allowing plenty of time as StephenLondon said makes it a relaxed experience.

    I am biased, I love the Dutch and their country, and I suppose that helps to influence my view.

    I may well use them for my next trip as I have FB points to use.

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    I flew LCY-AMS-BUD yesterday, Economy.

    The Embraers ex LCY remain great aircraft to fly on, and we will see more of these Europe wide, more under the Cityhopper model.
    the 738 i was upgraded to Business class as a full flight, and this was really quite pleasant. 3 seats to 2 people yet no one aside of me. The meal was a breakfast as before midday, so i ended up with 4 breakfasts yesterday!
    Lounge 25 remains expanded, better food (new food suppliers), but Lounge 52 is superb, the Intercontinental and UK / non-Schengen one.
    But the crew were as always genuine, happy and welcoming, and very engaging and professional.

    I think in Europe KLM are one of the best Airlines, and still providing a snack of great quality, sandwich cookies, drinks, basic bar alcohol, unlike buying on other Airlines.
    Again i see most in Business class within Europe are travelling on to other flights via AMS, or many off these flights (many Americans) travelling onto European destinations via AMS.

    There are more Dreamliner services coming, i have one to South America in a few weeks. Looks like the 777’s will remain as they are, and disappointing at 2-2-2 in Business.
    I see on Air France, that some of theirs are converted to the same Dreamliner seats 1-2-1, so check your aircraft on the route you travel. KLM Business Class is now running behind others, on 777’s and 747’s.
    On the CDG – SIN route they have 1-2-1, but on the BKK route (currently a Dreamliner), changing this to a 773 with 2-3-2!
    AF will have A350s coming next, but much of an old mixed fleet.

    Few routes such as AMS-HKG will still have the KLM 747, these are being retired in the next 3 years, so a retro experience if you enjoy these, is getting more valuable!
    With the A380’s being discontinued, 2 floor aircraft will become rare.

    I book carefully considering which aircraft, which seating plan shows on a route these days. Makes much difference for our on board experience it seems, as we all note.

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    This reply has been reported for inappropriate content.

    Me…. I’m looking forward to house # 100 coming up shortly.


    My 2nd worst European carrier’s J class after swissair’s. The Crown lounge makes BA’s T5 lounge look like the savoy. J class Seats are awful (except 787).

    Really, SWISS worst J experience? A few months back I was in SWISS J from ZRH to SFO and Back. If you get the right seat, I beileve it to be close to the best in class experience.

    SHort Haul in C (Europe) is quite decent catering and service (even if the seats are the same as Y)


    Indeed. KLM already have 100 Centenary year gifts on their shop on board , or home delivery. Luggage labels, and wallets made from materials from the old Crews recycled Uniforms, and constructed by people who have been long term, without employment. T shirts, bags etc also.
    How Dutch that is, Social Responsibility shining through on the oldest Airline in The World?

    I don’t see anything of the BA “Claims” in their 4th Company in 100 years, making any such efforts!

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    My wife and I flew in KLM business class between Singapore and Bali earlier this year on a 777-300ER to join a cruise returning to Singapore. Although I accept that this was a fairly short sector (about 2:35 hours), the lie-flat seats (2-2-2) were very comfortable and both our evening meals excellent. With flight attendants that were prompt and very friendly we found the overall service faultless. At current one way fares in the region of £235, this has to be one of the best bargains on this route, especially since SQ charge £630.


    Erudite Sheep –

    The fine service could be down to your flight gaining a fresh crew. It could be that the KLM crew (from Schiphol) disembark at SIN and hand over to a new crew for the onward CGK sector.


    Hi Alex.
    Having taken KLM on these Asianic routes often, indeed KLM crew do disembark at SIN and a new crew comes awaits the CGK sector.
    Similarly at KUL, the crews change for the onward DPS Sector.
    Not so many Airlines have the same traditional pattern as KLM in making several stops still, or “Rounds trips” passing through 2 Airports then back to Amsterdam.
    KLM still complete these with the Dutch Antilles routes, and also to some South American, sectors (eg the KLM 789 services, AMS-Bogota-Cartagena-AMS)
    They appear to be very efficient routes, with high load factors, and returns enable you to also choose to stopover for very little extra charges on a round trip in either Class.
    Interestingly the AMS-KUL route being served by fewer European Airlines is now quite expensive. It can be Euros 600 less to make a return to DPS than merely KUL on KLM, or simply buy your return to DPS with a stopover!

    KLM are popular on these routes where they are allowed to market fares between the two sectors, which is generally something more of a feature in Asia, having a Med/ Long haul larger aircraft for a short sector. Thai and SQ have some excellent services on LH Aircraft, inter Asian cities, as well as some popular domestic routes as Thai.

    I have often also gained Open Jaw flights for same for a return to the same city. eg AMS-BKK / KUL-AMS return Business class.

    KLM and AF are appearing to cut down now on missing sectors out with standard extra billing for all classes and cabins if you miss out the last sector, in an attempt to gain a cheaper fare. I know many BT savvy Forum members have done this with BA, and Alex has advised that the Airlines CAN charge you.
    It appears that AF/KLM have a standard conditions in the ticket now than can cost you dearly for doing s0, which clearly you agree too when purchasing!


    I should have written that the flight was from SIN to DPS and not CGK as others may have assumed…

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