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  • Charles-P

    My son and his girlfriend are getting married next year and I thought to ask the Forum community of any suggestions for honeymoon destinations based on the extensive travel experiences of all here. My wife and I plan to buy them the trip as a wedding present so we are looking for something with a budget of around $20,000 for three weeks. They are both very much “activity’ people who enjoy mountain biking, climbing and walking. They of course want some sun and a little time on the beach to relax.

    They have both traveled extensively in Asia and the US already and are looking for something a little different. All ideas welcome.


    Well Charles, my plan was to take my beloved on honeymoon to lake Louise, just to let her know, that I was marrying somebody even more beautiful than her namesake name place and its wonderful and dramatic surroundings. Alas she never benefitted from my romantic streak and probably (hopefully) ended up in a bedsit in Grimsby.

    If her names not Louise, then I’d suggest Kenya…….Starting at Treetops hotel, perfect for Mount Kenya and Aberdare national park and then off to the coast to relax.
    Further away, but truly fits the bill, might be an action holiday in NZ?


    Charles I was going to suggest some of the islands in Asia but if they have already done that, they I highly recommend Fiji there are so many wonderful places to visit on all the island’s that make up Fiji and there are some breathtaking resorts there too..

    I would then if they wanted to move on from Fiji, then head to Samoa some of the scenery and treks are amazing. Coming back they should then head to the South Island of New Zealand by far the most dramatic scenery and extreme sports location there is….

    One final place they should look up the Banyan Tree Resorts throughout Asia and beyond, I took my beloved there when we first started dating, there are individual villas within the resort and the privacy afforded are amazing …

    Hope this helps…


    I posted the other week looking at Zanzibar recommendations for my honeymoon which there were some excellent suggestions.

    The top of our list currently for our honeymoon for next year is a Kenyan Safari (or joint Kenya/Tanzania longer safari) with some relaxing time at the end in Zanzibar.

    Our thoughts on this were its somewhere we have never been and its a “once in a lifetime” sort of experience. I have also done a lot of traveling in Asia and other parts of the world but not Africa.


    Would Brazil be somewhere they would consider?

    Rio – superb city for exploring, stay at Copacabana Palace
    Iguazu Falls – simply stunning and can explore on foot both on Brazilian and Argentinian side
    Txai Resort – Itacare, Bahia province, for some down time on a secluded beach that goes for miles, but still plenty to see and do


    My view on a honeymoon is it should be memorable and unique to mark the second most important occasion in ones life (the birth of a child cannot be beaten).

    Bearing in mind the interests of the married couple, my suggestion would be a 2 centre holiday.

    Mount Everest would be a perfect and very unique place to visit, perhaps base camp which is easily accessible. This would provide a unique outdoor experience.

    Combine this with a romantic and beautiful beach resort, which I am sure someone else could recommend, in my mind would make a very unique, special and memorable honeymoon.



    What a great wedding present.

    Firstly, a business round the world ticket for 3/4 continents, which will save money and allow some flexibility.

    London – South America first. Fly to Chile (great climbing) and then to Peru (long trails, Macchu Picchu if so inclined and then to Lake Titikaka. Good romantic train journeys there too.

    The fly to Oz, lots do do there in terms of walking and climbing.

    The to Mauritius from Perth (there is a direct flight) for R&R before flying back to London (assuming they are based in London? Corny but great place for the final part of a honeymoon.

    If they want the R&R first, go to Mauritius first and go the other way ……


    NB – Belmond ( I have no conflict of interest) do great packages in South America


    Cape Town, Botswana and Namibia.
    Truly amazing places and I would choose Belmond Mount Nelson in Cape Town as well as their luxury safari lodges in Botswana and Namibia.

    In any case, wherever they may go, my congratulations to the happy couple.


    I am of course not without bias, but I would second the above suggestion. The Cape offers every type of opportunity for outdoor/activity holidays, some superb hotels, outstanding food, and of course the wine is legendary. You didn’t say when the trip is to take place, some of the above suggestions may be affected by climatic conditions.


    Don’t you think that they should choose the location of the most important time in their life, to date?


    Charles, for a week or even a few days relaxation I would recommend a fabulous boutique hotel in the Maldives named Mirihi. Unreal, just unreal. No pool and no kids (although they are very welcome there). Owned and run by a Swiss lady and a Maldivian, it provides what I describe as true paradise. I cannot describe it and the website won’t do it any justice you just have to go. There are a handful of sign up activities and trips, but on the whole this should be considered their week of chill time. A true gem; in fact I’d urge you to take your better half there!


    If they want rainforest and a beautiful beach then you can’t go wrong with the Datai in Langkawi. Can then Twin potentially with Borneo for activities and a couple of nights possibly in KL to finish.

    Otherwise depending on time of year possibly Costa Rica could work well. Just had a friend who did a stunning tour including a lodge only accessible by white water rafting. Ultimately best to speak to a professional really on these who can put together an itinerary if want an activity / tour element as well as a beach?


    I would agree with a couple of the other responses. East Africa. Kenya or Tanzania.
    My personal preference would be Tanzania and for the suggested budget you could get a great safari in some fantastic lodges and then spend a few days on the beach at Zanzibar or Ras Kutani to unwind.
    You need to be careful of dates though as the rains come in our spring, so March, April and May should be avoided.


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    I haven’t been to either but my first thought was RĂ©union and Mauritius. The better half has, and apparently the former would be excellent for ‘activity’ while the latter has much better beaches.

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