Flybe “rewards” 4 all – oh yeah?!

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  • LuganoPirate

    This happened to me recently Nigel, except they wanted 3%. I refused to pay and threatened to call the cc co. to inform them my card had been lost which meant the charge could not go through as I had to enter my pin. Faced with this they backed down and reluctantly took the charge off.

    The other thing that infuriates me is where they add a donation to a charity. Now I’m happy to support a good cause but one of my choosing and one where I’ve first researched the organisation to see how the money is spent. It’s usually a € or similar which on a € 300 hotel bill or €100 restaurant bill is nothing, but I object to being made to feel bad by saying “remove it”!


    Ahh yes LP the cheeky charity donation! I have noted of late that they have been asking if one wants to make a donation rather than just adding it, although I might have ben lucky where I have ben staying

    @ HongKongLady- 18/01/2013 02:08 GMT

    Best oneliner of the year. Thanks.


    It seems you do not understand the system. You needed a Flybe Credit Card, as we have had many free flights on Flybe with our rewards for all points, only paying for taxes.
    It cost us in points £12 (or points) in each direction per person.
    I think Flybe are fabulous


    Sunshine1938, I see this is your first and only post. Be honest, do you have any connection with FlyBe other than as a paying traveller?


    Sunshine 1938….come on! As the instigator of this chain may I add some important information that you have left out? To get a single point on your Flybe credit card, you have to spend £250!!! So 16 x £250 = £4000. So you spend £4000 to get a 16p saving in my example from BHX AMS BHX. You cannot buy a single ticket using Flybe rewards for all, it has to be a return. Even O’Bleary of Lyin Air would find it difficult to call this loyalty programme “amazing”, “fantastic” or any such description. I jettisoned my FlyBe credit card when the boy on the end of the Sigma Bank phone insisted that I reveal my whole password in order to register my new card!! The whole airline and its associates seem to be a shabby outfit with very poor time keeping and zero apologies for tardiness. They have a monopoly on useful routes (for my personal needs) and could do with some significant and serious competition.
    Honk Kong Lady – I paid the extra 60p…..and got 2 more points – which have probably expired by now!!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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