First class to be removed from FGW – Trial

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  • andystock

    My local TOC – FCC operates a number of declassified trains with first class – the WGC to Kings cross semi fasts in the peak – The ones that stop at New Barnet, Oakleigh Park and New Southgate.

    The most pointless first class is on First TPE from Blackpool to Manchester Airport, the trains are only 3 car and are frequently overcrowded like the northern line at rush hour crowding that first class is always getting declassified.

    Yes FGW idea is good as Reading to Paddington as some of the most overcrowded trains around. Yes there are far to many first class seats on Virgin, that’s why you can often pick up 1st class tickets for not much more than standard class.


    SNCF’s Ouigo is not a success so far… for SNCF.

    Pepy, the CEO’s SNCF recognises they could not sell more than an avaerage 60% of the seats. This also means the last sold fares do not go so up.
    Ouigo is keen to attract passengers travelling by car instead of choosing the TGV because the cost of 4 people travelling with Ouigo should be interesting compared a journey by car. Here also it fails. Ouigo seems to attract regular TGV passengers who now choose Ouigo instead.

    I think they should have some services going downtown now. SNCF sees companies asking their employees to travel standard class and not anymore first class on domestic journeys. Knowing there is no service at the seat such as lunch or breakfast on domestic journeys, the first class advantage is only in a bigger seat.

    SNCF knows they are loosing passengers because of their too much high fare on the TGV, even in standard. And there are lots of lines not anymore profitable. So simplyfying the “TGV” should be an option.

    It may still be different in the UK, but domestic travel by train seems to start to change in France. At least in the design of what travellers need and can afford to pay.


    On the train back from Paddington last night, the guard appeared to managing some overcrowding in a way I have not heard before on FGW. Coming out of Paddington, he invited people standing in Standard class to use the first class carriage G in effect declassifying the carriage. However, once we reached Reading, it appeared the overcrowding had cleared itself and he then announced that weekend first would be payable from Reading for anyone sitting in first class with a standard ticket.

    I’ve not experienced this before and it makes me wonder if this is also part of the trial taking place this month?


    I have been on Virgin Trains before where they have declassified 1 first class carriage before a few years ago. However I’m curious to the legality of a reclassify once it has been declassified let alone the disruption through rest of train – especially for people with lots of baggage and/or with small children (or both – as has been my case!).


    FGW should offer more trains out of Paddington like the 17:42 to Cheltenham that does not stop at Reading. This stop the Reading people using it, & cuts the over crowding.



    That is definitely an option though it does compromise those who want to connect or start at Reading. On a related point , does anyone know if the Reading redevelopment (when complete) will increase capacity out of Paddington and allow more trains to be run?


    Bath <a href="mailto:VIP@19.29“>VIP@19.29

    As I understand it , yes as there will be more “through” capacity at Reading and less delay there, meaning (at least in theory) the allowances built into dwell time at Paddington can be cut, meaning trains turn round quicker.


    re Bath VIP, to expand the above comment. Reading now has an extra 4 thru platforms, and the flyovers being built currently will enable trains chiefly container freight to Southampton from the Midlands and vv to not block the main lines to Bristol + Oxford by eliminating flat and slow crossing of the fast lines.

    Allied to this the electrification of the lines to Bristol, Oxford and Newbury should allow an increase in line capacity sometime around 2017 or so. Already the new suburban depot west of Reading has better access and capacity compared to its predecessor in the middle of the Reading triangle west of the town. A small but useful unclogging of the fast tracks as a result.

    So whilst Reading is work in progress there is hope that it will get better and the new electric timetable both to the West and outer suburban should give a better experience – it cannot come too soon. Mind you it was just the same in the early 70’s when I endured massive overcrowding to Paddington.


    Well it’s been 3 weeks and today I finally ended up on a train with a first class carriage removed. The only problem was that i couldn’t see an additional standard class carriage. How is that going to alleviate overcrowding?

    Has anybody spotted one of these trial trains yet?


    Maybe they have removed the first class carriage whilst they convert it to standard class?


    I’ve decided to link this thread with this news about the new first class carriage.

    This article is confusing because it begins by saying that there will be 2 1st class carriages per train but then towards the end, it says there will be 1 to 1.5 carriages.

    I am also still unclear about whether the new trains will be longer overall given the changes that have taken place in the carriage numbers I referred to a few months ago.

    The refurbish of the 1st class carriages is good news but the changes look evolutionary to me rather than revolutionary. I have to say that the current decor still looks fine to me so I am little surprised they’ve done this. However, the biggest improvement is the introduction of wifi which is long overdue.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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