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  • Tamsin Cocks

    If you could mix and match to create your dream flight experience, what would it look like?
    For me:
    Departing airport: Changi (T4)
    Lounge: The Pier (HKIA)
    Aircraft: A350
    Seat: Qatar Q-suite
    In-flight catering: Singapore Airlines “Book the cook”
    Route: Long-haul, night flight
    Cabin crew: Singapore Airlines (but with Hainan Airlines new uniform).
    IFE: Cathay Pacific CX Studio
    Airport arrival: HKIA


    For me it would contain

    Departing airport: Changi (T1) as not been through T4 yet
    Lounge: Qantas T1
    Aircraft: A350 or B787
    Seat: Qatar Q-suite
    In-flight catering: Cathay Pacific
    Route: Long-haul, night flight
    Cabin crew: Singapore Airlines
    IFE: Emirates or Virgin Atlantic
    Airport arrival: London City (as so quick to get through)


    Departing Airport: Zurich
    Security: Swiss police
    Passport Control: Cape Town (always very friendly)
    Lounge: Lufthansa FRA 1st Class
    Aircraft: Lufthansa 747-800
    Bathroom: Emirates 380
    Seat Lufthansa old config as per 747-400 with fully flat (proper) bed next to seat
    In flight catering: Mrs. LP’s cooking
    Champagne: Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle
    Long haul route – day flight
    IFE: Emirates
    Pilots: Swiss
    Crew: Singapore Girls
    Arrival Airport: Lugano (close to home and very quick to get through )even though the runway is a bit short, but this is a fantasy flight!


    Departing airport: Singapore
    Lounge: Qatar Premium LHR T4
    Seat: Qatar business class herringbone (not yet tried Q Suite)
    Food: Qatar business class, lunch / dinner not breakfast
    Champagne: Krug
    Coffee: Qatar espresso
    Flight time: overnight with complimentary PJs
    Flight crew: Qatar business class – always had excellent service
    Mid flight snacks: AA (777W – help yourself galley)
    IFE: AA (777W)
    Arrival airport: Heathrow T3 morning: love flying over London and access to either the AA or Virgin arrivals lounge for a shower.


    Departing Lounge; original T4 Concorde lounge
    Aircraft; A380
    Seat; EK F
    Food; EK F
    Wine; Pol CSWC
    Crew;BA F cabin c 1998
    Sector;Longhaul departure to CPT leaving around 20.00
    Flight deck; BA c1998
    Arrival; Home


    Departure airport: London Heathrow T5
    Airline: British Airways
    Airside Entry Point: BA Wing
    Lounge: LH F lounge
    Aircraft: 747 (400 or 800)
    Boarding Procedure: LH Porsche or Mercedes
    Seat Location: In the nose
    Seat: LH F seat (never tried the current F seat – but its on my wish list)
    Seat neighbour: LP or FDoS or David Gordon (certainly not K1NGSTON – I need to arrive sober)
    Day/Night: Night time flight starting around 8pm and lasting for 12 hours minimum
    Crew: Lufthansa or CX
    Pilots: Thai or UK (longhaul)
    Inflight Food: Who ever serves caviar followed by salmon or tuna, cooked to perfection
    Drinks served: A selection of Gin – yes, I am now having an affair with Gin (moved away from Whisky)
    Arrival Airport: Anywhere in Asia
    Arrival Immigration: USA style Global entry, pre departure
    To be met on arrival by: aha… some things remain secret…. 🙂


    Martyn, I am flattered!

    Departing airport – Copenhagen
    Lounge – Turkish at Istanbul
    Aircraft – 330 or 340
    Airline – Garuda (business) for seat, service, food
    Drinks, before the meal, during and after – a certain Club in London, made airborn
    OK, sat next to Martyn, with maybe Tim on the other side for advice on the next flight
    Arrival airport – Montreal maybe, or Osaka

    Martyn, I am not sure about “Arrival Airport: Anywhere in Asia”. Delhi? Yangon? Guangzhou?


    Departing airport/Arriving Airport: Singapore Changi
    Lounge: The Pier, Hong Kong
    Aircraft: A380/B787/B747
    First Seat: Etihad A380 First Apartment
    Business Seat: Qatar B787/A350
    In-flight catering: Etihad First (also SQ F for the Caviar/Dom Perignon combo!)
    Can’t resist: Inflight steak sandwich/spicy bloody mary – breakfast of champions!
    Route: Long-haul,day flight with the Mrs.
    Cabin crew: EY First/SQ First crews
    IFE: My laptop


    Etihad Residence, to anywhere!


    Departing airport/Arriving Airport: Frankfurt/ LHR T5
    Lounge: LH First Terminal
    Aircraft: Concorde?
    First Seat: LH First with bed
    Business Seat: EVA
    In-flight LH Caviar, Thai or Eva pre order
    Can’t resist: Recent BA Club Europe starter plate smoked salmon
    Route: Long-haul, night flight with best friend who has never done biz.
    Cabin crew: Cathay all crew
    IFE: Cathay/Eva


    Departure airport: EDI (Start of a new adventure)
    Departure Bar & drink : 6AM pint of Best at EDI’s Weatherspoon’s, watching businessman sip their cappuccinos watching me with grudging envy.
    Airline: Cathay Pacific /JAL
    Cabin: Any instruction to turn left young man !!
    Lounge: Concorde
    Aircraft: Embraer (engines at the back type)
    Boarding Procedure: escorted last from the lounge, straight into 1A- oh how I miss BMI
    Seat Location: “Y” EK380 –lower deck up front
    Seat: AC Exec class seat
    Seat neighbour: LP or FDoS or David Gordon (and definitely K1NGSTON – I don’t need to arrive sober)
    Day: Westbound over Greenland
    Night: As long as I have a large hot toddy and good film
    Crew: Air Canada’s folksiness or Air France’s chatting back galley personnel
    Pilots: Preferably sober
    Inflight Food: lacking a time machine back to CP Air, a lovely CX Chinese entrée will suffice
    IFE: Emirates , specifically its Fawlty Towers Box Set
    Drinks served: A wonderfully knowingly made perfect Caesar crafted by an AC expert.
    International Arrival Airport: YVR – The most serene and peaceful walk after a long flight anywhere.
    Arrival Immigration: HKG, always fast, efficient and like a welcome home, so to speak


    SO here goes and I am concerned people think I have a “drinking” issue 🙂

    Departure airport: Changi Term 3 (serene)
    Departure Bar & drink : 6AM drinking my Latte looking at the guys drinking their Weatherspoons (with lots of envy)
    Airline: Qatar / ANA
    Cabin: This way Mr K1ngston ….
    Lounge: Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney
    Aircraft: A350 it is a great aircraft
    Boarding Procedure: Straight onto the plane
    Seat Location: F if at all possible
    Seat: SQ Suites
    Seat neighbour: Simon1 ( I like them feisty ) and when I am drinking I am argumentative too, Canucklad as I like a man who keeps up, and Martyn as he is really funny when he is bladdered!
    Day: South
    Night: Sleeeeep!
    Crew: QR ( they have got better) and the older BA staff they are still so easy to speak too
    Pilots: BA
    Inflight Food: CX definitely
    IFE: Emirates and SQ
    Drinks served: Anything alcoholic
    International Arrival Airport: Changi 10 minutes to taxi
    Arrival Immigration: SIN as its home and easy peasy


    Departure airport: Heathrow T5
    Airline: British Airways
    Airside Entry Point: Virgin Atlantic Drive thru check in
    Lounge: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
    Aircraft: A380
    Seat: Cathay Pacific Business Class
    Crew: British Airways
    Inflight Food: A really good curry
    Drinks served: White wine, champagne and mojitos.
    Arrival Airport: Tokyo


    Seat neighbour: LP or FDoS or David Gordon (certainly not K1NGSTON – I need to arrive sober)

    I’m flattered, Martyn 🙂


    For me,
    Departing airport: Hong Kong
    Lounge: The Cabin, Hong Kong
    Aircraft: A380
    Seat: Cathay Pacific Business Class
    In-flight catering: Asiana Airlines
    Route: Long-haul, daytime flight
    Cabin crew: Asiana Airlines
    IFE: Cathay Pacific
    Airport arrival: Hong Kong

    I’m really tempted to start a “nightmare league”, oh I could do that with relish, but don’t want to libel anyone!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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