Etihad Airways plans to serve Scotland in 2015

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    BREAKING: The third major Gulf carrier, Etihad Airways, plans to launch flights to Scotland in 2015.

    Speaking at a SPAA (Scottish Passenger Association) dinner in Glasgow tonight, Etihad CEO James Hogan confirmed that one Scottish destination would be served next year with a second one being added in five years time.

    The news was broken by The Scotsman’s Alastair Dalton.

    With Qatar Airways intending to launch flights from Edinburgh this coming May and Emirates toying with the idea of bringing its A380 to Glasgow it means that Scottish travellers (and inbound visitors to Scotland too) will have greater access to destinations in Asia, Africa, the Far East and Australasia without the need to transit London.

    Business Traveller will bring you further news as soon as it is available.


    Sure this will affect BA’s efforts to bring people down from Scotland on their Domestic services, to then transfer at LHR, which can take many hours.

    The standards Etihad offer, far exceed that of BA, and Those choosing them will experience new standards of travel, that they will not want to leave behind again. It certainly will divide a set number of customers from Scotland between a greater number of Airlines, meaning a loss in numbers for one of them! If EK go in with their A380’s The Gulf Airlines will have scooped up much of the region for flights Eastwards, for Australasia and Africa, with just one change, which can be within one hour.


    A big boost to Scotland and confidence before a vote for independence.

    BA will have to up its game here if they want to keep the Scottish business. A business cabin and some way of staying in transit at LHR at the very least I’d think.


    IMHO, if they introduce a route from ABZ, then they will truly be “serving” Scotland! Otherwise, my previous comments on another thread stand. But I imagine it will be another Sassanach airport coup! 😉 🙂


    Here’s the news piece I have just written. We still have no idea of which destinations will be served but BT will keep you updated.


    LuganoPirate – you mean more rapid exit routes in the event of a “Yes” vote – LOL!!

    LP – “some way of staying in transit at LHR at the very least I’d think” – domestic – International transit in T5 is seriously easy?????


    International transit is fairly easy in T5, so long as BA don’t cancel your internal flight due to a few flakes of snow or a little bit of fog.

    I could count the number of flights Emirates have cancelled exiting Glasgow due to rain/fog on one hand.


    Morning Papillion

    Considering the oil links, I’m actually surprised that they don’t do a loop de loop route i.e. Gulf- ABZ-EDI- Gulf

    So by 2015 there will be apx 1200 seats daily flying to the mid east, by passing LHR/AMS & CDG, thats almost 1/2 a million a year lost market share.

    And well done to Etihad for not being scared off, IF the country votes yes. The No campaign would have you think we’ll fall into the Abyss the day after; the Yes campaign is fluffier than an Aberdeen Leisure Centre… Sorry Papillion, couldn’t resist : )

    Edited to add…conshaldow your spot on.
    BA has managed to get itself a reputation for not being very reliable! Will try and avoid them during the winter months.


    Indeed – they are reasonably reliable out of Heathrow but the flights to the regions don’t make as much money so the first opportunity they get to cancel a flight at half/less than half capacity they will take it.


    EK out of GLA
    QR out of EDI
    and EY out of ABZ would be fantastic for the country.

    Our 3 biggest airports having direct links to the middle east and onwards would be fantastic for a country of our size. Apparently us scots don’t understand the term “The skies the limit”…


    Edinburgh is now tipped as the first Scottish destination for Etihad, according to The Scotsman.

    At the present time “the Aberdeen market is not seen as large enough” although “its oil-related traffic to the Middle East could make it Etihad’s second route.”


    Great boost for Scotlands YES vote on Independence. Also believe that the new Government has promised to cut APD by at least 50% and then knock it on the head.

    Keep going and it will be standing room only at “Abbotinch”….whos next…Saudi Arabian Airways…?….Marahaba..


    How is this a boost for independence? If the traffic exists the carriers would surely fly there whether independence happens or not.


    Groundstaff at GLA have told me that it is heading there. Not surprising, EDI really hasn’t grasped that it does not have enough stands for larger aircraft. Instead of building more shops they should be concentrating on the airfield ops.


    At a media briefing yesterday in Abu Dhabi, Etihad says its first Scottish destination will not be revealed until next year. But Edinburgh is the favourite city at the time of writing.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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