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    Interesting to see Emirates will have 3 daily 380 flights to Gatwick from January alongside the 5 to Heathrow and regional flights.

    That’s some capacity.




    What is also noteworthy is that one of these three daily A380 flights will be operated by Emirates’ new high-density two-class A380s.

    These accommodate 58 in business and a whopping 557 passengers in economy class.

    As we reported in April, this new A380 variant (which is still at the Airbus factory) will first appear on the Copenhagen route in December.




    The Gatwick aircraft sound horrendous!

    Also, imagine getting behind that lot in immigration……another reason to avoid Britains premier charter airport.



    On some days the route is operating 3 x daily with the A380. for most if not all of August LGW is 3 x A380 daily. and this on a 3 cabin basis on all flights. From September it drops back to a 77W on the EK11/12. My guess is the December flights will go A380 3 x daily and there will be announcement that date for entry has been brought forward.



    Thanks for the information on the A380 at LGW, Tim.

    I ought to point out that the economy seating on the two-class high-density A380 remains the same at 10-across 3-4-3.

    Airbus has developed an 11-across economy class cabin version but no airline has yet placed an order.



    SimonS1 seems to be a snob whose knowledge re LGW is at least 2 decades out of date. Charter flights account for only 6% of the airport’s total seat capacity as of April 2015 and, just by the by, the UK’s leading charter airport is MAN.



    KRIyengar – excuse me? I don’t recall mentioning charter flights at all. And yes I do use the airport at least twice every month so I’m quite conversant with the type of traffic there.

    May I suggest you read the thread properly as I suspect you may be referring to comments made by other posters.



    Must admit I like the drop off at the NT for F and biz passengers .
    I’ve only ever flown once in biz on Emirates and on the return flight , we were through , bags collected , chauffeur drive home ( 35 miles ) an hour after we disembarked , it was very impressive , if I didn’t have reward vouchers or AVIOS to use on BA for my DXB flights I would book in biz from LGW .
    Openfly. My experience of both Immigration and security at LGW is far more ” premier” ( as you put it ) than LHR despite all the buckets and spades kicking about !! Lol



    I haven’t flown from LGW in years, but it’s sounding more and more appealing. I think it’s easier to reach than LHR (I’ve collected people from the airport several times recently) and staying in Lingfield last month it was an easy taxi ride away.

    The EK business class with chauffeur drive etc also sounds fabulous and if I have the occasion I’d certainly try it out.



    The drop off zone for Emirates biz and F is right outside the entrance of the NT up the ramp , it used to be the drop off zone for everyone years ago but only Emirates cars have access to that now , and it’s under cover to protect you from the sun ! Er I mean the rain !!!
    Every time I see it I imagine SimonS1 sauntering from his car to the check in desk !! Lol
    Lingfield is very close and nice place , used to play 5 aside in Crawley then onto a nice pub in Lingfield followed by the Indian restaurant !! ( years ago ) also has a nice race track there too .
    The EK chauffeur service is great , we had a drop off and pick up to Hatta from DXB included ( over an hour ) so great value too being included in the ticket price .
    The lounge at LGW is very good too and of course rather excellent at DXB !!



    Sorry SimonS1, all my mistake. You’re right. I mistakenly attributed the thread on which I commented to you. I actually intended to comment on openfly’s thread. Once again, extremely sorry and my sincere apologies for any offence caused.

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