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    I’ve just booked a room at the CitizenM Hotel in Bankside near Tate Midern. It’s a boutique hotel at £130 a night exc. breakfast but with free wifi. It happens to be in the middle of where I need to be for my two day stay so it’s convenient and I’ll only really need the room for sleeping.

    Does anyone have any experience of this hotel? At that price will it be full of backpackers? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.




    I doubt very much it will be full of backpackers. Tourists, maybe.

    However the reviews of Tripadvisor look pretty good.



    Should of gone with the Shangri-La at the Shard much better value.



    Thanks Simon.

    Goldielox, trouble is it’s over 3 times the price and coming out my own pocket. If you know of a rate up to £260 let me know and I’ll go there.



    LuganoPirate – I love the idea of backpackers @ £130 a night……. I guess they would have to be Swiss! Mind you, “Affordable Luxury for the People” does sound a bit iffy to me! That said, I think you will be safe from the rabble – Hostelworld are advertising dorms in London from £12 and ‘privates’ from £20………….



    Have stayed from the very first weeks at Citizen M at Amsterdam Schiphol their first days some years ago.
    Was very new refreshing concept. Your room is merely a bedroom, and the cafe, business areas, Lounge, quiet and TV area, makes you feel you have a room in a large house.
    Some hotels, actually encourage you to remain with the room, especially as a single traveller.
    The atmosphere was very friendly and motivated (obviously Dutch run at Schiphol), but very international guests.
    The technology in the room was always good and it feels very modenr and pioneering, and is indeed a boutique hotel.
    there are several around the world now.
    I will stay in a few weeks again soon.

    So be interesting to see what your experience is. Enjoy.

    The shard had rooms from £450 according to the BBC and Times article.



    £475 gets you

    Breakfast for two
    Afternoon Tea with a glass of champagne for two
    Five-course dinner for two
    Free Wi-Fi

    Not to mention your room will boast the best view of London and you will be staying in the most in place. Even if the money is coming out of your own pocked you can at least say you have been there. At the rate I quoted no other 5* hotel in London will come anywhere near. Why spend thousands for a few hours in the air when you can spend a hundreds for days of luxury on the ground. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.



    Goldielox – sounds really good value, especially if you are travelling on your own on business…

    Just stayed in the Hotel Indigo in Newcastle which seems to be a similar concept to Citizen M. Good facilities, technology, in-room comforts, a Marco Pierre White restaurant attached (5-rated hygine certificate prominently displayed to distinguish it from Birmingham!!) and fabulous staff, really engaged and friendly. A credit to IHG which seems to be a rare accolade for them on this Forum at the moment.



    Tom, that made me laugh 😉 Perhaps Backpackers wasn’t the right choice of word but, well, I’ll stop digging now!

    Thanks Marcus, that was really helpful and given me plenty of confidence. I’ll let you know how it was.

    Oh Goldielox, how you are tempting me. I did think about the Shard but saw the cheapest offer was £400 excl. breakfast. Both nights I’m out for dinner, I could do afternoon tea I guess as I’m meeting up with my sister, but it would also be breakfast for one, and an early check out when I leave so I couldn’t get full value from it, though the view must be amazing I agree.

    However, I’ll be back early July with the family and will definitely consider it then.



    LP: I’ve stayed 2 nights at the Citizen M in Glasgow a couple of years back. Great concept, very clean, tidy, quiet & comfy!
    The living room concept in the public areas was really pleasant, relaxing & I didn’t feel out of place sat watching BBC News channel for a while, then reading.
    Am sure you will enjoy your stay.
    PS: enjoy playing with the lights & blind in your room!



    Thanks Mkcol, I’ll let you know how the lights and blinds are. I’m intrigued now.



    Only to add weight to Mkcol’s reply, I stayed in the Glasgow one a few years ago. It was clean, tidy, compact, and comfortable. The bed was huge. Now I’m reminded the lighting was rather fun.

    The food arrangement was slightly odd, all middle of the road stuff, they cooked it and you ordered it. I’d be really interested to read your take on the food.

    If you’re used to Hiltons and Crowne Plazzas you might not be impressed. If you’ve had to get used to Ibis and Premier Lodges I found the Glasgow Citizen a refreshing change.

    I think they called all their staff ambassadors or something strange.



    Well, here I am, and I must say I’m impressed. The room is small, but spotless and very functional. There’s a very large bed next to the window with a large drawer underneath into which you can put your case. There’s a small table to work from with an array of sockets, British, Continental and US as well as a USB port.

    Everything is controlled from a Samsung Tablet and you can alter the mood of the room by the lighting – quite clever actually.

    The lounge area downstairs is fantastic, with bar, snacks throughout the day, dinner buffet in the evening and all,very reasonably priced. I didn’t have dinner but it looked excellent and all,very fresh. The lunch snack I had was very tasty. There’s a courtyard where I could enjoy a drink and a cigar and inside large tables where you can work with sockets for your laptops. In addition there are several Mac Computers that can be used free of charge.

    The staff are very friendly and very helpful, and yes Scott, they’re called Ambassadors!

    Apart from the size of the rooms, I’d say it’s better than a Hilton, with free wifi included. All in all excellent value and I’ll definitely stay here again



    Very pleased to hear you’ve had a good stay there LP 😀

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