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    I was told there’s a travel agent called Israel Odzi, based in N. London who can obtain First Class tickets with BA for about a third of the normal price. You don’t get miles or status when you fly but this doesn’t bother me so much as I don’t use BA very much.

    You can fly from whichever airport you want, ie. no dead legging to Athens, to any destination though there can be seasonal difficulties, eg. CPT, Barbados etc at Christmas.

    Has anyone else heard of him or used him, as it seems something is not quite right? I have my suspicions but cannot find him or more info by using Google.


    See below near the end. Section VIII. It’s to do with the barter of FF points.

    I always best to follow your instinct in these circumstances. Does the agent have a website, ATOL membership etc? Does it sound right? In other words is the risk worth it to save a few bob.


    I was sold something which sounds very similar a few years ago from a “north London” business, purporting to be a travel agent, for a series of First Class tickets.

    Its a long story, but in short I refused to pay for 1 of the return tickets, AFTER I realised exactly what I had been sold. The business man then used a series of abusive midnight telephone calls, including during the period my mother died, when I had to keep my phone on during the night.

    This resulted in me seeking legal advice, involving the police, changing one of my phone numbers and keeping my home number on permanent divert..(which remains today on divert to an answer phone) I have had over 100 abusive calls to my mobile, most have been logged and reported all the calls to the police.

    I have not paid the businessman for a number of reasons.

    1. He refused to take this matter to court, which infers what he sold me, he shouldn’t have sold me. The police also suggested similar action, which so far the firm will not do.

    2. I lost one sector when the airline refused to change a flight after I was told it was a fully flexible ticket.

    3. The business man has discussed confidential matters relating to my business travel with unrelated third parties

    4, He has used “heavies” to threaten me

    I will not name the firm involved, they are a well known north London family firm, but my advice to anyone being offered these sorts of tickets, is avoid them. Remember, if its too cheap, it probably isn’t legal.

    Also remember that these sorts of tickets could invalidate travel insurance and the airline could come after you for the cost of the ticket at a later date……




    What is his IATA number? If there isn’t one run a mile and report. Get Anne Robinson on the case.


    If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.



    I’d say your comment warrants removing.


    Bullfrog :

    And I’d say it doesn’t. Again, I’ll let the moderator decide. If they wish to remove it they will.

    I’m sick and tired of people jumping on the PC sanitised ‘let’s not say anything nasty’ about anyone’ bandwagon. This is not a personal attack against you, but I disagree.


    I am not taking it personally, nor am I responding in a personal way.

    I read your comment as implying that ‘because their name is Israel, they’re a sharp operator’.

    You are not insinuating ‘a smart business person’.

    You are insinuating ‘a crooked business person’ & you are basing that view on their name being Israel.

    The person may be dishonest, but that has nothing to do with their name or possible nationality.

    This forum is about travel & not opinions based on a person’s name or their possible nationality.


    It appears that this is a free for all for any insult to be stated until the ‘moderator’ removes. As was the f word yesterday.

    It is very obvious that some posters use inapprpropriate language and phrases, it is irrelevant who enjoys, it’s just common courtesy not to use such language on an open non fee paying board which is public.

    The use of these words or phrases should not be tolerated.


    I await the usual scarcasm from the professional business travellers.


    @ Be_Nice +1

    @AhMrBond – I don’t believe an agent would need an IATA number for selling “airmiles” if indeed that is what is being sold.

    LP – are you able to say where / how you came across the “agent”?

    Also check T & C’s for BA avios or indeed any mileage programme about selling avios / points..


    Thank you Martyn @ 9.52am

    As you are a respected and balanced poster, I appreciate your +1.



    Sensitivities abound. Personally IMO, anything which the Beeb has permitted in Father Ted should be permissible – including vernacular and double entendres . Does Mumsnet have a code of forum etiquette BT could use? I await the moderators’ declaration.


    Please don’t make negative assumptions about someone based on their name. It is borderline (some would argue outright) racism, has offended some other forum users and is against our rules and regulations.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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