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    Dear British Airways,

    Many posters on this forum have been attempting, without success so far, to draw your attention to some major failings with certain aspects of your services.

    Now these have been clearly reflected in the results of the Business Traveller Awards for 2014 is there any possibility of us seeing some remedial action in the areas where you have failed, namely Best Business Class and Best Cabin Staff?


    I am confused. LHR was 3rd in the worlds best airport category, Amsterdam not listed, however in the best European airport Amsterdam came 1st and LHR 2nd.

    For the life of me I do not see how that works.

    Edit…..having looked over it again, why on most do they list the top four, and on a few the top 5, seemingly to the Middle Easts advantage.


    I agree with Mr Michael.


    I guess it depends on how the “votes” were counted, but there are some outcomes that seen hard to follow;

    BA are un classed in best LH, best J class and best crew, 3rd in F, 2nd in Y, 2nd in PE, and 1st in SH. Despite these rankings, they are best airline.

    Equally, Four Seasons are un classed in UK, Middle East, APAC and India, 3rd in Europe and 3rd in North America, yet best worldwide

    Any thoughts?


    Well the data from the votes is analysed by an independent market research company and the votes are from the readers of BT , not just from the people who post on here otherwise I doubt BA and LHR would have picked up any votes !!

    I trust all the votes are true and verified , I would be shocked if Jesus was handing out awards to those who didn’t deserve it or if there was some dodgy counting , however David Briggs might not be so worried or concerned 🙂

    Tom Otley


    They are separate questions not cumulative.

    We go through this each year – I’ll see if I can dig out previous “I can’t believe it” threads on the subject….


    The fact that each category is discreet, and that therefore the result “Best overall”is not derived from an accumulation of other scores perhaps makes the “Best overall” even harder to understand, as if it is not a reflection of the other “Best” categories, what is it?


    All of these survey types tend to favour the airline on home turf and probably the one which most participants have flown. If conducted in Germany, then Lufthansa would be right up there.

    The BA Club World lack of success is telling, however!


    BA – best overall airline? Right oh. No need to take this seriously then.


    I have no time whatsoever for any ‘trade’ awards of this type. I have seen far too many influenced by advertising spend and the like. I am far more likely to listen to the experiences and advice of fellow travelers such as here on the forum.


    Couldn’t agree more with Charles-P! Publications like BT (and websites such as Skytrax) are reliant on advertising which somewhat compromises the objectivity of surveys conducted by them.


    I notice there was no ‘Best Latin American/Central & South American Carrier’ category. Just goes to show how flawed these awards are.


    I’m sure if you ask someone in Barcelona who the best football team is they’ll say Barcelona. In Liverpool good chance they’ll say Liverpool / Everton and in Manchester they’ll say Manchester City (if in Brighton they might say Manchester United!!).

    So as a predominantly UK survey then BA are most likely to win best airline as more people will have likely experienced them than some of the other carriers. In almost any “home” country that airline will come out top in surveys due to exposure more than anything.

    The only way for this to really work would be to take 100/200 testers – put them on 10 airlines over a 3-6 month period – working to a rigorous scoring system – with allowances for operational factors. If there was a way of doing a Michelin Star guide for planes that would be good – but as with everything in this field it is highly subjective and there are flaws in most processes.

    Perhaps BathVIP could provide some insight as I believe stats are his profession – so not sure whether that would also encompass these kind of surveys.


    It would also be most interesting to find out how a publication handles a tie, i.e. a situation in which, say, two airlines have an equal amount of votes for a certain category. Does the publication then opt for the carrier that throws the greater advertising revenue towards it?

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