Best night ever sleeping on a plane?

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  • RaveAroundTheWorld

    My top 2 have to be ex Asia to Europe:

    1. LH in F HKG-FRA

    2. SQ in J SIN-FRA

    Both late night, overnight flights so boarded already haven eaten a good meal on the ground. Skipped all food on board and went right to sleep. Woke up for a little brekkie and arrived early am in Europe fresh as a daisy!

    I think in both cases I slept more on the flight than I did on any single night while in the Far East….



    BOG FRA LH F. I normally can’t sleep at all on a ‘plane but as above it was a late night flight. I’d had dinner in town and my total consumption on that flight was a cup of tea and a glass of water.


    Like capetonianm I struggle to reach the land of nod.

    Most memorable sleep, YVR to LHR in AC’s Exec class. Served 3 course dinner, FA asked if I wanted an after dinner drink, ordered a large toddy, arrived in a ceramic mug, started watching Gran Torino as we entered Albertan airspace, and was woken up with brekkie over Manchester, never seeing more than the first half hour of the film.

    Made me wish I was affluent enough to fly long haul like that all the time : )

    Tom Otley

    About 12 years ago I slept for the majority of the long flight back from Hong Kong in CLub World (first version of the seat).

    I was very tired but was asleep with only one break for over 11 hours.

    Another memorable one (well, not) was a Delta flight from New York to Moscow – a cradle seat, but I slept for the majority of the flight – empty seat next to me on the aisle and I had the window seat.


    CX coming back from the Hong Kong 7’s. We had J but I spent the first half of the flight asleep upright as I was so tired of the hospitality. Cracking weekend, highly recommend if you get the chance!


    This year, BA 787 from Kuala Lumpur to LHR seated in First.

    Six hours of undisturbed bliss in a very comfortable environment.


    I tend to be able to sleep on any flight at any time, last trip back from HKG to BHX on EK I slept from Taxi to decent into DXB and more than half the DXB to BHX route…and an hour in the car on the way home! the last BA flight from HKG to LHR i got a good 9 hrs


    This year, Madrid to Santiago de Chile, Iberia night flight, business class.

    This followed nearly 30 hours of travelling from Cape Town to Madrid via LHR and AMS (too complicated to explain why). Had dinner and a good belt of booze, crashed out, woke up eight hours later.

    Incidentally, for those who haven’t tried it, Iberia’s refurbished biz cabin is rather good. Ditto the service.


    Just to show that sleep is possible even when not in J or F. Spent the day at the WACA in about 40 degrees and repaired exhausted to the airport in Perth to catch my Emirates flight to Dubai. Seated in Economy, I was asleep before take-off and only woke again about 90 minutes before landing, feeling fantastic.


    many may not agree, but as long as I get a second pillow, club world, upstairs, window side – and away from a galley – usually a very nice sleep…


    I agree Martyn


    Six hours straight warm comfortable deep sleep in CX Business Class HKG-LHR in their 777-300 on a night flight. Preceded by excellent service. CX First is even better but sadly out of financial reach except for a few occasions.


    Best sleep ever had to be with LH in F on the 747-400 JFK – FRA. I had a proper bed next to the seat. I fell asleep after take off and woke 30 minutes before landing. It was like being in my own bed.


    Terrible sleeper on planes, never normally getting more than a couple of hours at the most or at a time, so I try to pick what I think will be ‘quiet’ seats within the cabin.

    Having had nuemerous poor nights sleep in the mini J cabin on CX 773, with cabin crew back and forth from galley, through first class and vice versa, I picked a seat right in the middle of the main cabin. So quiet by comparison and several hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Aided by keeping Bose Q30 earphones on to eliminate all other ambient noise).


    EY 773 in F MEL-AUH.
    I was the only pax in the cabin. Departure about 23.00, just under 14 hours flight time, and arrival around 0700 local time means you can indulge on great food and wine, then sleep like a baby for a good 10 hours in superb comfort.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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