BAEC autumn enhancements?

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    There is a lot of chatter on another site that the executive club is to be enhanced in the autumn. I always worry when BA talks about enhancing anythings as it generally means reductions in benefits.

    Naturally details are scarce but opinion suggest the introduction of a bronze tier which would fit neatly with Olympic hype coming our way very soon.

    There are various rumours that it may be a paid for tier, or would require 300 tier points with silver moving to 900, for UK members.

    Has anyone heard of anything similar ?

    Thoughts views?


    We have heard that the Joint Business is prompting BA and AA to standardize offerings. I have read elsewhere that AA have suddenly discovered Pajamas and turn down service, may be BA are going to start selling an EC membership for non Elites?


    900 for Silver would knock me and Mrs T out of the loup – possibly then a chance to not be so BA loyal and give the others a go.

    However only my idiotic opinion – according to Rickjackal

    Travellator your an Idiot


    The Bronze level is probably to slot in between Blue and Silver to equal the Oneworld status out.

    Currently as we know BA have only 3 tiers, Blue, Silver and Gold, that are available from collecting points while Oneworld partners AA, CX and QF all have 4, hence the “oneworld status” on your card.

    i.e BA Gold = Oneworld Emerald.
    AA Gold for example is only OW Ruby , or BA Blue.
    CX and QF Gold = Oneworld Sapphire – same as BA Silver.

    Just my thoughts…


    Take care using words like Gold when comparing FFP’s.BA has 3 tiers and Gold is top, CX has 4 tiers and GOld is second, AA has four tiers and Gold is third. BA Blue is a non Elite level.


    if it and when it happens,ba is making it hard to reach silver to enjoy some of the previliges ,they will lose loyal customer i am not surprise people will move loyalty to other airlines /alliances,i am one of them


    900 for Silver? That would adios too many people

    Paid for makes sense for all the folk on super discounted economy in Europe

    As has been suggested enhancements always means getting shafted by BA


    The following posted by RFferguson under BA Food Forum and is apparently from the head of customer service at BA.

    – Last but not least, we will be making some exciting changes to the Executive Club before the end of the year that will add improved benefits for our most valuable customers. I look forward to sharing more detail on this in my next few monthly messages.

    I think it is interesting that they talk about our most valuable customer which seems to suggest the low value silvers and gold are in for a shock…..900 for a silver looks increasingly likely


    Lets not knock it until we see what the changes are, it may just be some extras for Gold to make it more atractive. Raising the required TP’s for silver would upset too many loyal customers, and put others off even trying to achive the ststus.


    How do BA EC tier reqs compare to IB, CX and AA?


    My understanding is that the enhancement will be the effective merger of Exec Club, Iberia Plus and American AAdvantage into one scheme… Similar to what Air France and KLM did during their merger. I’ve not heard about the introduction of a new teir (paid for or otherwise), or about changes to the membership thresholds, but it is quite plausible that this will happen as (with the exception of the introduction of a paid for teir) this is what happened when Flying Blue was created by AF/KLM.

    I had heard that the press release was intended to be last week, I’m curious to know why its gone so quiet.


    I agree with pinstripes&airmiles – an alignment akin to KLM/AF would make sense – starting with BA/IB/AA and then including AY, CX, RJ. Somehow, I think JL will (like SQ to STAR) be a bit different and beat their own drum.
    I would think the tier structure will remain the same, only be referred to with more common titles (such as sapphire, emerald, etc.) so things become more OneWorld focused rather than airline specific.
    As for enhancements for Golds? Well, I think a higher mileage tier bonus for Emeralds would be of benefit to members.
    Notice needs to be given for any change, so I think perhaps we’ll all have to wait quite a while before hearing much.


    I wonder, my suspicion is IB and BA as IAG will be first step. As AA and BA deal only affects Transtlantic routes and there are some local carrier benfits in each scheme, I supect that may be second step. I agree JAL will continue to do their own thing. What about QF? Thye might be likely candidates too.


    is there any thoughts on the amount of miles needed for redemptions awards. I still find it difficult to understand that for a LHR-BKK, there is plenty of availabilty on all partner airlines, except of course BA, through the BAEC web site.

    Trying to buy a revenue ticket, naturally there is plenty of availability.

    I have delayed my decision whether to convert the Amex points to BA miles.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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