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  • PeterCoultas

    At the risk of being politically incorrect anyone who needs multiple bags on other than a ski holiday or moving house,
    just doesn’t know how to pack….naturally airlines need opportunities to lose bags and you are the people who give them this….luckily as a handbag only (buy what U need when U get there traveller) I don’t have that problem…


    I agree it happens one week or two weeks but it cannot be indefinite so there is something wrong down the chain.
    Since Air lines is service oriented industry if they cannot take care of their customer who else would take.
    Any for these air liness Fuel etc is free since it is all owned by the Posh sheikh who doesn’t care all they are concerned is fill their pockets and all the top bloaten executive gets handsome pay not providing good services 🙂


    I know this is a bit late for the last episode, but I do not now check any bag in without a baggage tracker inside the case.

    I use – I don’t work for them but I swear blind by them…


    Hi bshankar
    To be fair to Etihad, they’ve done something rarely seen on this forum and have intervened.
    My advice, email them quoting their intervention and if you’re still feeling aggrieved , set up a Twitter account and use social media.
    Companies normally resolve grievances pretty quickly on mass social media.

    Continuing to bad mouth them here just makes you sound like the TV character Victor Meldrew.

    Anyway, good luck in your travails .. And LPs advice is sound. I would have got really irked at TK totally blanking me. I now just blank them.


    While not a lost bag, my son recently flew from MCO to LGW with Virgin following the end of a 9 month Disney Cruise Line contract with 3 large suitcases, 1 of which was new and arrived with a large tear across the front, it seems there were 3 or more other passengers with similarly damaged bags from the same flight.

    Not knowing the correct procedure he just left the baggage hall without filling in the necessary claim form and then complained to us, to be honest not sure if it was damaged by the airline handling at MCO, or the TSA, who have in the past opened the TSA padlocks to check his bag, then placed the padlock in the bag and zipped it up, unlocked!

    I then, on his behalf, took the matter up with Virgin, provided comprehensive details and pictures and within 3 weeks was requested to contact their bag supplier and the next day a brand new suitcase of equal size and almost quality was duly delivered.

    Just goes to show that sometimes the airlines do the right thing and to give VA credit, it was all handled by email within the time frame and with a satisfactory outcome for a lowly Y passenger.

    For once a happy ending.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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