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    BA appear to have increased their already exorbitant seat charges today.

    First thing this morning I went to MMB to look at seat availability for an upcoming trip in CW and they were £65/£80. Logged in to my account again just now and they have risen to £70/£85.

    Seats in Y have risen £2 to £12.

    I know it is an avoidable cost but it just stinks of greed.



    It appears the main UK LOCOs airline market is seeing an increase also…



    I thought there might have been interest in this story. If it was another of BA’s fuel surcharge increases it might have created more of a stir. I guess as fees for seat selection are voluntary it isn’t so newsworthy.



    Methinks BA744Fan it is probably due to many/most posters here are BAEC so avoid seat reservation charges.



    Charges for economy seats I sort of understand, but for business it’s indefensible.



    Perhaps BA will extend seat charges to their business plus seats (ooops, I mean F class seats) …



    BA might as well do it for F / C / Y so their greediness is consistent! Extremely insulting that a CW passenger even has to pay for seat assignment! Lost my business after I had to pay nearly $700USD for four of us to fly to Africa via London in order to sit together in CW.



    I think it is free seat allocation after a given period, I am A gold card holder so it doesn’t apply to me. However someone has to sit in those dreadful middle rear facing seats and I don’t want it to be ME ! 🙂



    BA’s seating policies have upset a number of readers. Even J class passengers may not get seat s next to each other.

    And passengers who do not pay the fee (to prebook economy class seats) may not be able to sit together if the flight is fully booked. See what happened on a fully booked HKG-LHR flight.



    Back on my old hobby horse…..We are all to blame because there is always someone willing to pay. And all these new costs have always existed within the original price of the ticket; I just don’t get how we are conned into thinking this innovative new service malarkey is enhancements

    How many of us would indulge Tesasdabury’s if they started these new innovate services…..

    1) Pre-book a carpark slot for a £5
    2) Use our speedy check-out ,only £2
    3) Hire a Premium” Goes where you want to go” trolley £2
    4) Wanting Bread baked today , £2 extra
    5) Want to shop with your wife next to you £2
    6) £1 to use our weighing scales if you want fruit and vegetables.
    7) Air conditioning/ heating surcharge £10 per person per visit

    How many of us would indulge them….



    AMcWhirter – 05/08/2014 11:02 GMT
    BA’s seating policies have upset a number of readers. Even J class passengers may not get seat s next to each other.

    I can only imagine this is self defeating for the airline. If customer A can’t sit by his partner having spent a few thousand on CW seats surely said high-revenue yielding customer would not use airline again? I do wonder just how often this happens.

    For me, it is similar to being charged for wifi in hotels, put simply, I refuse to pay it and always complain on check-out and write a negative Tripadvisor review, irrespective of how good the actual stay was. It is profiteering, I’ve attained Silver status by default of using AA last year on a few journeys, so at this time it doesn’t affect me, (and I infrequently use BA) but I would use a different airline’s J class just to avoid paying the charges.




    AOTG ,

    You’ve come up with the word of the day….well at least as far as this topic is concerned…..




    Seat reservation charges may be welcomed by some parents who use it as an excuse to sit elsewhere from their kids (aka DM – Noisy Brats) as parental responsibility declines further – and it is apparently not just on the LOCOs …



    A child free area of the plane – that’s a charge I would happily be prepared to pay if BA were bold enough to trial it.

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