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    Does BA do anything when a BAEC member acheives 1 million miles? That is to say, any acknowledgement or recognition when the account shows 1,000,000. And is there a difference if it is a Household account vs. an individual account. While I’ve accumulated well over a million BA miles in my time in the Executive Club, I have never held a million miles at any one time but am nearing 900k and see the goal in sight.



    I would never keep a million miles in an account. Airlines go bust and have a nasty habit of upping the remption levels and in BA’s case the co-pay / fuel surcharge/ margin enhancer/ indrect taxation…

    AA has recently formalized benefits for 1 and 2 million and then some upgrade vouchers for every million thereafter. I think the highest in AA at present (achieved through seat miles not including Credit Card and offers) is 10 million.



    Yep, I understand your points …and BA’s surcharges/tarriffs are obscene. Although I do have confidence that they will not be going anywhere – that is to say bust.

    Question still remains if BA provides similar benefits that AA seems to offer for the 1,000,000 mark.



    Answer: NO

    While AA (and Marriott) do show members lifetime accumulated miles, there is no such similar system for BA Miles; it’s not even clear of this is tracked internally.

    BA certainly offer no “milestone” appreciation, which is a lost opportunity; though 1m miles isn’t all that over a lifetime as a frequent flyer, when compared to achieving that in the more nascent days of frequent flyer schemes before miles became easier to earn.

    BAs surcharges may seem high, but are less “obscene” when the £170 APD charge is removed for exUK flights.

    You are barmy keeping balances in excess of 500,000 in a mileage account. Positively certifiable if keeping more than 1m.



    Which is why AA is cutting back to miles in seat again.
    Maybe this is an opportunity for the rebranded AVIOS.
    Though ecbatana it is not much to write home about. You get llifetime Gold at 1 which I do not hink BA has yet and Lifetime Platinum which is BA silver at 2m. You also get an email saying well done and how valuable you are and most useful of all you get some extra systemwide upgrade vouchers. You get an ellipse on your membership card and bag tags with the number of million miles you have flown.
    The useful bits are th vouchers which do not require co=pay on any fare type and are system wide and experience has shown that when you have a problem and call the Executive Platinum Line if you are a 3 or 4 miilion miler + they tend to be really keen to help you. But for many it is just a DYKWIA. If Avios put a crown on the card with a number to show the millions, it woudl do the same thing and cost nothing.
    By the way – Is it true that BA have customer files and they use the term VIP for very irritataing Passenger? SOmeone told me that and it tickled my sense of humour.



    I’m not certain about VIP, but the new iPads hold a great deal of information about interactions with Customer Service, recent flight histories and “difficult” passengers.

    They certainly record the CIV score.

    So time has probably been called for serial complainers and the “I’m one of your best customers” brigade; the facts are there fore the CSD to access instantly!

    Any issues like being refused more to drink on board are also noted….and that info is now available to the CSD.



    You can request copies of all information held by a company about you.

    Personally, I know I am a very nice person, so I have no need to check!!!



    First, thank you for answering my question. I agree strongly that it is a lost opportunity to recognize loyalty.
    Second, I am U.S. west coast based so long-haul flights into Heathrow are my only BA routing option. Hence I stand by my ‘obscene surcharge’ comment. I maintain Skywards Silver (Gold until just recently) and surcharge using Skywards miles JFK-DXB is around $75. LAX-LHR is on BA is more than 10x that.
    Finally, I’d like to hear why 1m in a mileage account is certifiable. What would you do if you had 900k in BAEC?



    spend spend spend!



    You don’t pay any APD flying JFK-DXB without a stopover in excess of 24h.

    You do pay APD flying LAX-LHR, which totals about $275 in premium cabins, totalling almost 40% of the “fees and charges”.

    When balances reach sizeable amounts, like Martyn I would recommend the following strategy:



    As I hold BA Gold status since 1994 (for 17 years with not interuption), I asked to the Executive Club if BA is tracking internally data for their most loyal EC members. The answer was: Sorry we don’t have any data recorded before 2000 year.
    Sorry VintageKrug, it’s now clear that unfortunatly BA has not tracking it.

    One Million Miles is ok? But has anyone been Gold for so many years?



    I cannot comment on VIP, but back in the early 90’s, I was informed by somebody I knew well then, and who was rather high up the BA chain, that there was a marker against certain pax who had acquired a reputation; ABCNS, standing for Always Bloody Complains, Never Satisfied.



    Sadly, I have been BA Gold since 1994, and you are correct, no million mile status with BA. I do have million mile status with United, and they have tracked my actual miles since way back to 1987. It is interesting that AA is now only doing this. UA crew and ground staff usually acknowledge the MM status with a friendly ‘thank you’, and yes, I have Gold status for life, so I get lounge access and bonus miles whenever I fly. I have also noticed that LH has upgraded me in the past due to my UA*Gold status…the benefits of Star Alliance. Although UA and AA premium service levels are not quite at the BA level (although I think the gap is rapidly closely), they do a much better job of recognising and rewarding their most loyal customers…something that I has always bothered me about BA. With the level of CRM and data capabilities that all airlines have, BA has missed a trick (and a fair amount of business of the years).



    I hit the million miles with *A. In fact went pass it. Not even a letter received.

    I was hit with an increase in miles for First Class Long Haul, but what I was saving for was for 4 RTW tickets with Mrs. LP and LP Juniors. Anyway, due to schooling etc seems difficult to arrange, plus, as my TA says, it’s almost impossible to get 4 free F tickets, and even 2 F’s and 2 C’s is very difficult at the same time, so now spending them down.

    Interestingly, *A allows a companion to travel at 50% of the miles and kids (under 12) go for 75%. So 4 for the miles of 3. Does BA offer this?

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