Around the world trip – any suggestions ?

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  • icenspice

    Hello Charles

    Machu Picchu is a must, although I believe peak season is over the NH summer months.

    As is Sri Lanka, simply breathtaking once outside Colombo.

    Easter Island remains a distant dream for me.

    If I had the time and money! I would like to do an overland trip top to bottom in either Latin America or Africa, or live in Casablanca or Beirut for a year studying Arabic.

    Over the weekend I will have a good think about more places to consider.


    And there’s more
    This is a must, if you decide to take up John Harpers excellent suggestion of Uluhru ….

    Kings Canyon

    And if you’re going to do the GBR as well, then a trip to Daintree and basing yourself in Port Douglas is what I’d recommend.


    Martyn, like military ships, freighters are not designed for creature comfort.Cabins are sparse, there is not much to do besides reading or watching old videos and the ship constantly vibrates making it very uncomfortable.


    Freighter travel can be brilliant, or a downright misery, it depends on the crew, particularly the officers and master and ones attitude towards them. A freighter trip in most cases entails more interaction with the crew than probably any other type of travel. If you get lucky (and most are) and are interested in how a ship works you can have a wonderful time. Unlimited access to the bridge and engine room, meals with the officers, the assistance of the port agent in each port of call. Make friends with the cook too and you should have a relaxing time. Treat the crew as shipmates rather than as crew to serve you and you will find you will enjoy their company, and them yours.


    How can I find out more about traveling on a freighter MrMichael?

    Hi All,

    I’m currently a masters student / aspiring entrepreneur. I am looking for some customer feedback on a potential industry solution that deals with cleanliness for frequent travelers. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to complete this survey. Thanks!


    Hi LP. The link above is the company I used, it was some years ago, there are others. For anyone contemplating a freighter voyage I would strongly advise you try a short week or so journey before committing to a long voyage. I did Immingham to Kotka and return, carrying a few bits and pieces on way out and packed to the rafters with newsreel on the way back. I and MrsM enjoyed it immensely, and would likely do a longer trip in the future. The Finnish crew were top class. The food plentiful and interesting….lots of fish! It is not for everyone, the entertainment is no more than a few C/D,s, the pool is……not there………our doublecabin was superb with views forward and to port. The chief steward (only steward!) opened his store on demand for supply of ciggies and alcohol. While in Kotka we bought cakes for all the crew and believe me they were so pleased, treated us like kings on the return journey. Our Captain was great, the chief officer looked after us and gave us free run (accompanied in Engine room for our own safety) of the whole ship. The only time we were not allowed on the bridge was leaving and entering Immingham while they had the pilot onboard.

    I have always fancied the banana ships, tramping around the Caribbean, but they are expensive due to demand for them.


    I could not edit the above.

    Newsreel should say Newsprint, paper. Huge great rolls of it would take four men to lift.

    Also, be prepared on the ships manifest to be described as “SuperCargo”.


    Another short, about 5days+/-, cargo trip used to run also from Immingham to Langesund in S.E. Norway by DFDS via Gothenburg and I think Rotterdam. It carries up to 5 passengers and was being actively promoted a couple of years ago in the local press in Norway. I assume it still runs.


    I raised the whole “what about a cargo ship” idea with Mrs-P, the look I received said it all.


    I too got similar looks when I raised the same subject a year or so back. I fancy giving a cargo ship voyage a try. Sure you don’t get the luxury, but I am sure the experience will not exactly be a 1 star offering. I imagine the opportunity to interact with the crew, for those interested in navigation, access to the bridge and those interested in mechanics, access to the engine room.

    To be on such a large vessel, but able to find peace and quiet – I think this would be a unique experience. I know in the past we have had threads on this subject. Here are a couple of interesting sites I googled.


    Charles-P, well done for raising “the whole “what about a cargo ship” idea with Mrs-P”, and sorry to hear it didn’t work out… Thanks for the tip… I can now well imagine the reaction I would get from Mrs. GivingupBA should I raise it [e.g. ‘Are you out of your mind’, and/or ‘Have you finally lost it’ or ‘Text me when you get there’] so I’m not going to try!


    It must be a “man thing”.

    Has anyone been on a container / cargo ship voyage?


    Martyn, I thought you were committed to the QM2. Two very different experiences, in fact the only commonality between a freighter voyage and QM2 is they both float. Probably right about the man thing, MrsM only ventured in to the engine room once and described it as being a midget in a car engine. I found the whole trip fascinating, I worked at sea for many years but hotel side not deck or engine so found it very interesting indeed. MrsM caught up on some reading and writing while I whiled away time learning navigation, rules of the sea, and how to handle a ship in rough weather and still have a cargo worth unloading on arrival.

    Not sure I would want to do a container ship voyage, just seem to dash from a to b, have about 8 hours docked miles from town and off you go again for another thirty days with no land. I think it might find that a bit grim. I recall seeing Michael Palin do it on his Around the world in eighty days travelogue. Personally I would want to hit some interesting ports perhaps along the coast of Africa or South America.

    Something worth checking out for those interested is:

    They used to be really good for freighter voyages, not sure they still are and do not currently have time to take a closer look. Some of their ships used to take over 12 passengers, thus classed as a passenger/cargo ship rather than just cargo and thus got priority in some ports and did not need to anchor out for a few days. The downside for Grimaldi was they then had to carry a doctor.


    Hi Mr Michael – indeed I am committed to QM2 and will be on board in a few weeks alongside Mr Gregory Porter for Jazz week.

    For me the only negative will be the 6 hours I have to get off when docked in NYC. My idea of a cruise is to remain at sea and able to have:

    *a decent book

    *library of films

    *decent food / wine


    *a deck to be able to run around

    *spend time on the bridge and around the boat

    I am not the guy who needs people to stand on ceremony and am happy being on first names terms with crew and to muck in.

    May be its a one off, but I would like to experience this side of cruising…

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 51 total)
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