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    The news has just appeared on scotsman.com

    Aberdeen, Scotland’s third busiest airport, will introduce a £1 drop-off fee in January 2015.

    Edinburgh already levies a similar fee. But Glasgow, at the time of writing, does not.

    The reason given by Aberdeen airport is similar to the one given by Edinburgh. In other words, the fee is designed to “tackle local congestion and safety concerns.”




    The congestion is usually caused by cars remaining in the zones longer than necessary. I would preference a £1 charge for 10 minutes followed by a £10 charge for a stay of longer than 10 minutes. That will certainly get the cars moving.

    I don’t view any charge for a drop off zone being any different to any of the other charges airports and airlines charge. £1 for baggage carts, £60 to reserve a seat… its all about maximising revenue…

    2015, now do not have an issue…




    Stansted have a system like the one you propose for “dropping off” on the ramp outside the terminal. £2 for first 10mins and then £2/minute but over 30 mins you get towed away. I expected there would be problems with having to queue at the exits but have had no problems since there are several pay units. At least, these seem to recognise vehicle numbers much more quickly than the e-passport readers inside!



    The system works well in FRA too!

    I don’t think it would work in T3 or T5 at Heathrow… too many cars will be stuck trying rush out….



    It will be interesting to see whether they use the money to actually do anything to address safety or congestion issues or whether it is just another way of soaking the traveller.



    SimonS1, does the fuel surcharge go towards the cost of fuel??



    This is my home airport and although people do sit for a bit of time outside, permitting no traffic warden is on duty, there is never that much congestion…
    I presume its being brought in to boost the funds for expansion in the next few years.which to be fair is needed.

    Not sure i fancy paying a £1 though to open my car door and drive off in less than a couple minutes – am i being ‘stingey’?



    Martyn – if you mean is it ring fenced for that I doubt it, particularly as it isn’t called fuel surcharge any more.

    I’ve never understood why the regulator or government hasn’t addressed it and insisted it’s included in the price.



    Just one more ‘stealth tax’ dressed up as something else. “Congestion charge” – “Green Tax” – “Carbon Offset”.

    As we have seen before these annoying little extra revenue generators can quickly become counter productive with people choosing to drop off at local fast food outlets, hotels etc thereby moving any congestion to other local areas.



    I agree with Peter19. I am there every few days at various times – whether travelling, collecting or dropping off visiting colleagues etc etc., and I can’t remember the last time the congestion was that bad. I also noticed that I haven’t seen any traffic wardens for many months. The owners will be rubbing their hands now – looks like traffic warden costs saved and an easy new income stream. Win/win!
    This will push people to drop off in dangerous areas around the airport like I see at Birmingham where there are cars sitting around everywhere dropping off and picking up people.
    It’s not the £1, it’s the principle.



    Speedbird_abz, I think your right on the dangerous drop off esp especially so at aberdeen. Most taxis who are picking up booked passengers often already wait just off the round about. People will just stop on the round about now doing a full circle and passengers will walk though the car park maybe bag dependant.

    On the up side today – im currently sitting in gatwick over looking a beautiful sunny runway.



    My son collected me off a flight last year when there were wardens around so he had to circle and ended up picking me up near one of the heliports. Blue lights flashing, two over-zealous policemen jumped out of their car grilling us on what we were doing etc. I suppose security is important, but this will drive others to do exactly what I did. All to save £1 eh? Well, we have a reputation to keep!
    Enjoy sunny Gatters, dreich here today.



    When these airports charge for such stupid things we should get our own back.

    Maybe for one day a month, no passenger buys anything in the shops of that airport. Things would change very quickly I suspect!



    As like most things in the UK, the authorities would rather use the stick than the carrot.

    Let’s turn things around. How about the drop off being free providing the vehicle leaves the area within a specified period, if not, then there is a fee? That way if the reasoning behind the intoduction really is “congestion” then those causing it will pay the penalty

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