100 Best Airport Lounges worldwide

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  • Ricjackal

    Small but very good at Malta International Airport La Valette Club Lounge used by most airlines including AIR MALTA BA & Emirates.


    My top lounges would be:

    Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class, HKG
    Qatar Airways Al Safwa, DOH
    SLOW Lounge, CPT (BA/Comair)
    The Qantas Singapore Lounge, SIN

    I can think of at least three CX lounges in HKG which would rate as world class. I found the QF lounge in SIN even nicer than its counterparts in LHR and HKG which are also good. And I think the SLOW Lounge in CPT (domestic only) as a space is nicer than its domestic counterpart at JNB, though the offering is similar (especially the “loo with a view”!).

    Sadly, I think the Al Safwa is the only DOH lounge that belongs on the list – the Al Mourjan is a great space but the offering and facilities don’t match – the table service in the restaurant space was replaced by a mediocre buffet not too long after opening and during the busy DOH peaks there are typically long waits for the showers and sometimes even queues for the toilets.

    And just to add a personal favourite:
    Finnair Premium Lounge, HEL
    [for the Finnish design, food and sauna!]


    1. VS Clubhouse LHR – still feels special every time I visit.
    2. TK lounge IST – love this size and the toys!
    3. VS Clubhouse JFK – craft beer, tapas, coming home.


    Back and forward to ARN from LHR5 and the lounge in Arn is undoubtably better than Aspire at LHR..their flights have made me a fan of Amex who manage a vast improvement on Airline performances in Aussi and the USA.


    I have been very fortunate to have visited the LH F lounge in Frankfurt on 3 occasions. Simply amazing and remains my most memorable lounge experience.

    The Pier in HKG remains another favourite (along with the Wing) and the CX lounge in BKK.. very comfortable…

    I also like the BA F lounge in T5, when its being managed correctly, but apparently, i am not meant to mention it…

    The strangest lounge experience was when I tried to use one of the business lounges in Frankfurt T1 (LH) in August 2017. Walked in and walked straight out, worse than a market square – far far too busy to even find space to stand… HORRIBLE.


    The BOM lounge is pretty interesting………

    CX Pier in HKG
    QF F lounge SYD
    QR F lounge DOH
    CX F LHR


    Thank you. The Finnair non-Schengen lounge is good as well, but it gets very very busy.

    That happens at many lounges although it shouldn’t alter the quality in general.
    Do you consider lounges by alliance,since people tend to keep to their own that way, with maybe a best overall?
    Paid for lounges should be a final sub-division to provide alternatives – some are good.


    My top five echo many others that have listed on this thread:

    =1 – QF F lounge SYD
    =1 – CX the Pier F HKG
    3 – BA Concorde Room LHR
    4 – QR Al Mourjan lounge DOH
    5 – TK lounge IST
    I did have expectations that all these lounges would be amazing.

    Two of the most pleasantly surprising lounges were the SLOW lounge in CPT (decor, facilities, food and beverage) and the Tallin International Lounge (good selection of food, quiet, outdoor private terrace overlooking the aprons).


    I think the best are all covered> here are my worst.
    1. QR Doha – If you are not travelling on QR business or first through Doha, irrespective of One World or QR status, a separate lounge is provided. I am Platinum on QR but not Al Mourjan access. The lounges offered are too small, terrible food options, over-crowded and noisy. What is particularly annoying is that when the business class lounge is full, they let arrivals into the first class section, irrespective of status.
    2. Any Philippine Airlines lounge in the Philippines – Cebu the worst. Even in Manila Terminal 2 their own terminal, the food and drink are atrocious. Extremely limited washroom facilities.
    3. Thai Airways business class in Bangkok, the only extenuating circumstance being that they are the designated lounge for more than 40 airlines who have no lounge of their own – Star Alliance and others
    4. Business Class Lounge in CPT, I agree with other comments in this respect.
    5. Etihad Lounge in Abu Dhabi, is disappointing, with poor food, limited washroom facilities and on the last 3 times, the showers were closed for repairs.

    Perhaps it is worth subscribing to the many lounge groups who offer access for an annual or daily fee.

    for the great lounges, therefore but for the grace of ………

    Tom Otley

    Thank you. The Finnair non-Schengen lounge is good as well, but it gets very very busy.

    That happens at many lounges although it shouldn’t alter the quality in general. Do you consider lounges by alliance,since people tend to keep to their own that way, with maybe a best overall? Paid for lounges should be a final sub-division to provide alternatives – some are good.

    Yes, it’s a good point.

    If we have status in a programme (eg: British Airways Executive Club) and therefore status across Oneworld, then that will predominantly be our experience of lounges.

    What I thought would be most useful about the exercise, though, is to also shine a light on lounges we don’t know about – including ones we either have to pay to enter or can access using Priority Pass or American Express cards (or some other method).

    I find that often when I’m flying LCC or with a carrier I don’t have status with (and that’s most of the time) it’s worth searching through the options.

    One example of that was at Houston Intercontinental.

    The United lounge I had access to (flying business class with Singapore Airlines) had been refurbished and was fine, but the Centurion Lounge was much better – yet I only know about it by Googling it first (and of course having a Platinum card to get in).

    Lounge Review: Centurion Lounge, Houston George Bush Intercontinental

    Plaza Premium has some good lounges as well, and I believe is planning to have two tiers of lounges in the future.

    It’s mentioned here

    Lounge review: Plaza Premium Lounge (West Hall), Hong Kong

    Impressive that they are operating more than 20 lounges at Hong Kong International – including, of course, those Cathay lounges that have already been mentioned.


    The Plaza Premium at T2 LHR is also a good paid for lounge. The only downside is it has no windows


    My favorite lounge that has not yet been mentioned is Air France La premiere lounge at CDG. Beautiful, classy, wonderful sit down high-end restaurant quality food, and top drawer wine. I have been there twice and the service has been excellent and it has not been crowded.

    Other terrific lounges that have been mentioned that are excellent that I have been to are Lufthansa First Class Terminal at FRA and Qantas First Class lounge Sydney.

    I have not tried yet but will in April the new Air Canada Signature Suite at YYZ that is only for paid business class tickets. I am looking forward to that. From what I have read it is essentially a very nice restaurant with menus and table service and may be the best offering available anywhere for business class, as opposed to first class passengers.


    The new first American lounge in Miami is very spacious with lots of zones and good quality food and drink.



    CX Pier Hong Kong
    BA Newark (apart from the weird glass you can only see through when you are moving)
    Qatar T4


    Marseilles. Cant remember which company runs it. (horrible little cupboard with no windows)



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