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Alex McWhirter examines topical business travel issues. This month, the future of domestic services at London Heathrow

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  • As someone who lives and has arranged travel in one of the Regions (Northwest) I have noticed a reduction of Heathrow connections over the years from here and also elsewhere in the UK as your article indicated. I remember British Midland offering 4 return DC9s a day from Heathrow to Liverpool, know long gone. It is know much easier to avoid Heathrow from many of the regions and use other European Hubs.

    KLM for example offer a very comprehensive regional UK network. Airports such as Norwich, Humberside, Tees side, Liverpool and Leeds Bradford have regular services to Amsterdam Schiphol providing onward connections. None of these airport provide any London flights, and the rail option will only take you to the London terminus station.

    I think KLM have noticed a gap in the market due to the dwindling UK domestic air connections to the Capital

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