Frequent traveller: When less is more

In which our correspondent finds you can have too much of a good thing when upgraded to first class

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  • I can appreciate Frequent traveller’s comments- particularly with respect to WT+ passengers being given priority dis-embarkation over F passengers.

    BA First is an excellent product but the inconsistency of some of the staff let it down.

    While flying F to the Gulf yesterday I was informed by the Purser when I asked for a glass of champagne to accompany my afternoon tea 50 some miuntes before landiing that as we were about to enter a Gulf country that was not allowed.

    She then advised that she would ask if they had any champagne left in Club that I could be offered. Sadly there wasn’t and I was proffered a glass of still white wine instead.

    Disappointing- if ‘Gulf rules’ allowed me to be offered a glass of white wine, then why couldn’t another bottle of F champers have been opened 50 minutes before touchdown?

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