Naomi Heaton is the CEO and founder of UK-based The Other House.

How did the idea for The Other House arise?

The idea for it came from observing the rapidly changing needs of today’s travellers. Blurring the lines between hotels, long-stay private rentals and serviced apartments, it combines the flexibility of apartment-style living, with hotel-style service and access to a private club. It is for any length of stay – whether a night or a year – and is all about providing great experiences. The Other House reflects the onset of slow travel, as people combine work with leisure and corporates become more responsible about travel.

How many properties do you currently have and what are your expansion plans?
We opened up our first Residents Club in South Kensington in July 2022 and have already acquired sites in Covent Garden and Belgravia. We aim to open five or six properties within prime central London, and then expand internationally. Major business and cultural hubs are within our sights – Dubai, New York, Singapore and European capitals are all likely candidates.

Which was the last hotel you stayed at that left a lasting impression?

I recently stayed at Six Senses Ibiza and had a truly wonderful experience. Completely rooted in the local culture, it celebrated so much of what the Balearics have become synonymous with – bohemian design, laid-back service, incredible seafood and arresting sea views.

How often do you travel in the year and are there any peculiar travel rituals you follow?
You will normally find me in London, but I travel several times a year for business abroad. For vacations, I love to experience diverse cultures and scenery – from Kerala to Patagonia. It may not be a ritual as such, but I prefer to sit by myself on an aeroplane, even when travelling with a group. Keeping such a busy schedule, it’s a rare chance to be on my own and play catch-up on emails and the like.

What is the most rewarding travel experience you’ve had?

I would put Rajasthan on top of my list. The colour, vibrancy and cacophony coupled with staying in the most amazing palaces in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur was an experience never to be forgotten.

What’s the one experience you’d rather forget?
Earlier this year, we did a quick-paced trip to five European cities. On the second leg, the airline lost my luggage. With three more stops to go, there was only what I had in my handbag to accompany me.

What are the three things that you always pack in your suitcase?

Leather trousers, high-heeled boots and my passport. You can get anywhere with all three.

The Other House

How do you spend your air miles?

I would love to say on tickets to somewhere frivolous and fun, but the next big air miles purchase will be on tickets for a PR tour of New York. America is a big market for The Other House, given our location in central London.

What is your choice of in-flight entertainment?

I prefer night flights and so I try to sleep. If there is time for in-flight entertainment, then it will be enjoying some of the classic films or catching up on new releases.