How did the idea for Vivere Hospitality come about?
I was the business director of a Swiss hospitality school, establishing its campus in Dubai and focusing on training international and UAE nationals in the hospitality industry. I was always passionate about hospitality and in 2021 out of the challenges of Covid-19, I saw an opportunity to enter the market with a new idea of becoming an operator. This is how Vivere Hospitality was born with its non-traditional approach to hotel management.

What is the USP of Vivere and Ink Hotel?
Vivere Hospitality specialises in creating and managing boutique and lifestyle hotels. We are meant to be a rule breaker to create new homegrown concepts instead of acting as a traditional operator which works with large franchise brands.

We wanted to develop our own brand and operate it in Dubai. We felt that it was time to change the status quo, and Dubai is ready to produce its own success stories which mean foreign brands are not the only option to succeed in the hospitality industry. This is how we decided to develop Ink Hotel, our very own UAE home-grown brand. It is sustainable, pet-friendly and offers rooms for all.

We are still in the startup phase. However, our team is growing fast as new opportunities arise. We are exploring new projects within UAE and other GCC countries at the moment.

Ink Hotel Dubai

Your golden rule when packing for a trip is…
Pack a day in advance. I always ensure I take time for horse riding during my trips, and therefore booking my riding sessions and packing my horse-riding clothes are essential.

What’s your choice of in-flight entertainment?
I catch up on new movies, and I love the podcasts and interviews by Emirates to keep up to date on new hospitality and F&B offerings. However, my absolute favourite on every Emirates flight is My Story by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I can watch those series over and over again.

The three things that you never fail to pack in your suitcase…
A nice book is always important, hydration cream as my beauty routine has to go on no matter what along with my hair products, and my charger.

Your most rewarding travel experience to date.
A recent trip to Hungary. I had the best time with family and friends in Lake Balaton, along with a beautiful wine-tasting dinner.

Ink Hotel Dubai

The one travel experience you’d rather forget
When I went to Thailand and unfortunately ended up with food poisoning and a few days of stormy weather. Needless to say, I finished all episodes of the series I was watching. Luckily, I stayed in a nice boutique resort that gave me inspiration for hotel interior designs.

How have you spent your air miles in the past?
I usually use my air miles for upgrades and for purchasing tickets for the family.