How did you begin your journey in the world of Virtual Gaming?

I love travelling and trying new experiences. I was in Bangkok in early 2019 and experienced zero latency there. I was blown away by the experience and amazed by how it transported me to a different world. I had never tried anything like this before. I then thought that India definitely is the right market and needs experiences like this for people to enjoy on weekends and a change from the usual monotonous office dinners and off-sites. It is something revolutionary and VR is the future, so why not? That’s how the idea of getting this to India cropped up and here we are – with the mind-blowing revolutionary experience. On a lighter note, the avid gamer my husband is added to my confidence that the concept is required and will have a fantastic market in India, and which better city to start from than Mumbai!

What do you think the future of V.R is going to be like in India?

In spite of the potential that VR has, the pace of growth for VR had been lacklustre since its invention in the 1960s. According to reports, it was predicted to be mainstream by 1994 but it never really took off then.  However, the growth in VR gaming in 2019 was spectacular at 25 per cent and going ahead, it is expected to grow to 30 per cent from 2020 to 2027. The Asia-Pacific region dominates the global VR gaming market with a 40 per cent share of global revenue and is expected to do so for the next five to seven years. Within this region, South Korea and India are expected to witness a remarkable demand for VR games driven further by the higher disposable income of these countries and technological advancements in the gaming and entertainment industries. After overcoming the drawbacks of traditional VR which restricted the VR experience to be stationary, isolating and expensive, the onset of the “Free Roam VR” experience is driving the launch of VR arcades. Furthermore, the active and immersive experience that these arcades provide, forces the gamers to keep coming back.

What’s next for Zero Latency?

Zero Latency has come a long way since its launch in August 2019 in Mumbai. It has revolutionised the concept of gaming in the city and made VR gaming synonymous with Zero Latency. There is already a second location at Hyderabad too (since December 2021) that we are managing and that has also witnessed a great response. So now of course, with the pandemic behind us, we want to take Zero Latency across the country and God willing by early next year you should see a few more across the country!

What are a few things that we would always find in your carry- on luggage?

Few very essential things (for me) which will always find a place in my carry-on luggage are a book, my airpods, my small medicine kit with the basic pills, my iPad and my vanity!

What’s your go-to travel destination and why?

It has to be Goa! It’s relaxing, it’s chilled. There are innumerable flights at all times from Mumbai and it never disappoints you! Whether it’s a family vacation or party time with friends, it’s the easiest go-to choice for me

What advice would you like to impart to fellow entrepreneurs?

My advice to fellow entrepreneurs would be- think out of the box and be persistent in what you choose. There are a plethora of career options which are witnessing a robust growth such as gamers, Youtubers, streamers or digital content creators. Gaming which was completely male-dominated now has females matching up the numbers! Hence, we need to break that glass ceiling and be resilient and pursue unconventional career choices because India needs that! Yes, entering an industry comes with high stakes, but also high rewards! So, take the leap and let’s all strive to give India a mark up on the world map!