Adelaide airport has welcomed the Emirates announcement on 6 February confirming that the UAE carrier will resume daily services to Dubai from 28 October this year.

The route will be serviced by Emirates’ Boeing 777-200LR offering passengers business and economy class cabins.

Emirates’ EK440 will arrive in Adelaide at 2050 and Emirates’ flight EK441 will depart from Adelaide at 2235. Arrival and departure times in Dubai are timed to maximise connections with Emirates bank of flights and minimise connections times to onward flights to onestop city-pairs.

Adelaide airport managing director, Brenton Cox, said the return of Emirates was essential to the airport’s complete aviation network designed to increase city-to-city connections, generate travel demand and grow the state’s economy.

“Our customers will once again benefit from Emirates’ extensive global network via Dubai. Offering greater competition and customer choice, including through Emirates’ code-sharing and frequent flying joint venture arrangement with Qantas, connecting through the Middle East to Europe, Africa and even East Coast US,” Cox said.

He added that Adelaide airport is busy looking for additional airlines to serve the city.

“Adelaide Airport is focused on unlocking the State’s potential and is working to support our current carriers, recover our mainland China and Hong Kong customers and open up new direct access to our large unserved markets like Japan and the United States.”