SilverDoor, a global provider of serviced apartments, today unveiled a carbon calculator designed to help clients make more sustainable choices when booking accommodation.

The carbon calculator uses proprietary methodology to estimate the CO2 emissions relating to a night’s stay in an apartment, with a focus on water and energy consumption.

The calculation also takes into account the total area of each apartment as well as the wider building, electricity, gas and oil use, total area of climate-controlled space, and laundry management.

The CO2 emissions score is then displayed on property profiles on the SilverDoor booking page.

In addition to calculating building-specific, per night CO2 emission estimates, the tool also compares this figure to an equivalent hotel stay using data from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index.

SilverDoor says the new carbon calculator will enhance the information already provided to clients on things like in-room recycling, solar panels and smart lighting, to help clients set, monitor and achieve business travel sustainability goals.

Alex Neale, group head of partner relationships at SilverDoor said: “Our ambition for the launch of the carbon calculator is to provide that data and transparency for the serviced apartment sector and lead the industry in the next stage of its sustainability journey.

“While cost remains the key factor for most booking decisions, increasingly we are seeing sustainability gain prominence within both travel policies and RFPs.

“As more partners submit their data it will work alongside the data from Cornell so that together with our partners and our clients we can take the next, better informed steps towards a more sustainable future for travel together.”