In a groundbreaking move, the allocation of ₹130 crore by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to establish a Tourism Facilitation Centre in Ayodhya is set to catalyse a significant economic transformation in the tourism sector, particularly in the eastern region. Initial analyses by, a dynamic community platform dedicated to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in the hospitality, tourism, and travel sector, project that this initiative could generate hundreds of crores in state revenue and create over a thousand direct jobs.

Commending the visionary initiative, Gautam Mehra, Founder and Director of, emphasised that the Tourism Facilitation Centre is not just a physical structure; it symbolises a gateway to brighter economic horizons, fulfilling dreams and empowering numerous small and individual enterprises in Ayodhya and beyond. With this transformative move, Ayodhya is poised to ascend as India’s new religious tourism capital, representing faith, heritage, and prosperity on a national scale.

The strategically located Tourism Facilitation Centre is anticipated to become a powerhouse for revenue generation in Uttar Pradesh. Initial projections suggest it could potentially yield hundreds of crores in annual revenue, revitalising the state’s economic landscape. Beyond financial gains, the initiative promises to create numerous job opportunities, benefiting both the formal and informal sectors. Thousands of direct job positions are expected, spanning administrative, managerial, and service roles, while countless employment opportunities will arise for local artisans, vendors, and small businesses. This visionary project is not only expected to uplift Ayodhya economically but also contribute significantly to the state exchequer, fostering a brighter future for Uttar Pradesh and its residents.