Singapore & Malaysia: Kita Food Festival is bringing a host of world-renowned chefs and food thought leaders together for Kita Conversations as part of the overall food festival which will be held in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October. Kita Conversations is an on-going dialogue on all thing’s food related.

The goal is to build an open platform for people working in the food and beverage industry, plus anybody interested in where food comes from, to discuss the future of food. Topics will focus on food production, history, and consumption in the Southeast Asia region. It will be a platform to discuss gastronomy and the food and beverage industry without the buzzwords that have infiltrated well-meaning concepts such as authenticity, farm to table and sustainability.

In addition, there will also be a series of panel discussions on topics such as ‘How to Build a successful F&B business in Malaysia. Some of the presenters will include chef Darren Chin from Michelin star DC restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and Raymond Tham from Karls Group who helms Michelin selected restaurants Skillet KL, and Beta KL Kuala Lumpur.

Kita co-founder and chef/owner of Dewakan, Darren Teoh said “Our objective in choosing the speakers for Conversations was clear: to create a lineup that exemplified the sincerity and depth of thought that Kita Conversations embodies. We sought individuals whose expertise and insights transcended the superficial trends often associated with the industry. We hope that we can contribute to a more robust, resilient and authentic F&B landscape and give guests a deeper understanding of the complexities inherent to food production, its history and consumption in SE Asia. We hope they will carry away actionable insights and a genuine appreciation for thoughtful solutions that can steer the industry towards a more sustainable and meaningful future.”