JetBlue has unveiled its revamped livery design on one of the carrier’s new A321 aircraft – the first complete paint design refresh since the airline launched in 2000.

The carrier’s iconic tailfin patterns will remain, and going forward will extend onto a now all-blue fuselage, with a larger JetBlue logo, “colourful winglets” and the logo also displayed on the below of the aircraft.

The first A321 to sport the new livery has been named ‘A Defining MoMint’ – a nod to the airline’s premium Mint product – and features the Mint Leaves pattern.

The tailfins of JetBlue aircraft have depicted dozens of designs over the years, as can be seen on this page, and the carrier said that all standard liveries would be refreshed “as part of the normal aircraft painting cycle”, with refreshed patterns “and and broader set of accent colours”.

The new livery design follows the airline’s new visual brand identity which rolled out on digital assets and social media earlier this year, which JetBlue said “reflects a more joyful, contemporary and digital-first appearance”.

Commenting on the news Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue, said:

“Liveries have always been a part of our identity. When you spot a JetBlue aircraf – whether on the ground or in the air – we want customers to recognize us as a travel brand that moves them differently than everyone else.

“The new livery helps us stand out among a sky of legacy carriers, and is a stunning reflection of our role as a disruptor that uniquely combines lower fares and great service.”

In 2016 JetBlue unveiled what it called a “reversed engineered” 1960s RetroJet, by consulting archives of popular logos and notable companies from the mid-1960s to “envision what the customer-friendly carrier of today might have looked like some five decades ago”.

Jetblue unveils “retro” livery