Situated in the heart of South Bombay, at Dhanraj Mahal in Colaba, Bombay Brasserie is one of the latest destinations to experience Indian art, culture and culinary nuances in Mumbai. The brand new eclectic menu showcases recipes from across different cultures with a progressive spin and the bar menu brings you nostalgic favourites and fresh creative concoctions with an inventive flair.

Set on the ground level of Dhanraj Mahal, the largest architectural commission in Bombay in 1935 and taking inspiration from one of the largest and most beautiful art deco buildings of its time, the avant-garde space is designed to represent the modern aesthetic of the rich art deco heritage of Bombay.

The sprawling two-level space including a mezzanine encompasses a beautiful handmade vibrant kite lighting feature suspended from the double height ceiling painting a buoyant picture of India’s spirited and multi-cultural harvest season. The story and legacy of the motley of Indian handlooms is woven onto a textile wall showcasing the craft of diverse handwoven Indian fabrics. A tribute to the lifeline of Mumbai – the Bombay Dabbawalas can be seen on a beautiful corner with a collection of ancient tin tiffins honouring the institution of men who use Mumbai’s famed local railway to deliver home cooked meals to offices across the city. Intricately carved wooden balusters enclose the upper level that overlooks the double heighted restaurant. As you go up the winding stairway, take a moment to marvel at the Incredible India wall adorned with a series of picture frames representing India’s rich history through paintings, maps and recipe books. With a prolific heritage of handcrafted and hand painted wooden dolls, an entire wall is dedicated to pay homage to this unique Indian craft. The ancient art of hand-carved wooden ‘Jharokas’ finds a special place on a beautiful wall in a private alley that leads to an outdoor space with fresh foliage.

An attractive bar reflects the art-deco style arches and is finished with antique mirrors and vintage brass shelves which hold our unique homemade infusions, bitters and tinctures to serve a well-travelled collection of old favourites and refreshing new India inspired brews. The mood lighting in the restaurant along with art deco lamp shades create an ideal setting for experiencing the depth of the space while indulging in the eclectic menu with regional Indian fare and inventive cocktails.

Shikha Nath, Culinary Director, Charcoal Concepts says, “We are thrilled to launch Bombay Brasserie in Colaba with a completely fresh concept and menu. We are confident that our discerning guests will love the new immersive experience set amidst a unique design that blends Bombay’s iconic art-deco style with the story of India’s rich cultural heritage of art, textiles, craft, artisans and vibrant cultures taking you on an armchair adventure through the country’s diverse culture landscape. The new menu, thoughtfully curated, features dishes and drinks that inspire curiosity, interaction and even evoke nostalgia while staying true to India’s culinary lineage”.

The latest additions to the Patiala bar includes signature Pauwas such as the Bi Bhitaki – an ayurveda inspired ancient ingredient Triphala combined with gin and passionfruit, Madras Raja – a journey taking you to south with whiskey, bitters and fresh curry leaf shrub, Desi cocktails like Kaapi Martini – a blend of whiskey and rich espresso and nostalgia inspired cocktails for all 90’s kids with Aam Rush – a desi household mango drink now mixed with white rum, and Coffee Toffee – a favourite childhood toffee meeting its adult companion in this smooth dark rum and coffee creation. The Angrezi cocktails showcase the latest Global trends with Matcha Matcha – highlighting the viral Japanese green tea powder with white rum, coconut, fresh pineapple and earthy basil and The Smoked Apple – a concoction of whiskey, port wine, dates, bitters and apple wood smoke. The new desi mocktails list includes The Indian Rose – a spiced and creamy version of the ruby coloured 90’s special rose syrup, Curry Leaf and Keri Mojito – a raw mango refresher with a curry leaf twist, and Satrangi Atrangi – a progressive spin on our everyday tea.

From small bites to street grills, paired specials to big plates, Indian and global cocktails, a vast spirit and wine list, with additions of the latest homegrown Indian craft spirits and beers, Bombay Brasserie is a space fit for all occasions, right from a casual lunch/dinner, office lunches, family gatherings, to date nights and special celebrations. With impeccable service, it sports an ideal vibe for enjoyable conversations and memorable times while taking you on an armchair adventure across the country with every bite and each sip.