A pan – India survey commissioned by IHG Hotels and Resorts as part of the launch of their “Guest How You Guest” global loyalty campaign revealed insightful results, to better understand how consumers like to enjoy their time as a hotel guest.

With a total sample size of 5000 respondents including male (52.7 per cent) and female (47.3 per cent) from age groups of 18 – 65, the survey aimed to explore preferences and desires of guests during hotel stays, critical to offering a world-class hospitality experience. It revealed how hotel guests value a more personalised experience that allows them to be totally themselves, something the hotel group hopes to offer to each and every guest.

The survey results revealed what guests are looking for in a hotel experience, with the three most popular features of a hotel stay rated as — 58 per cent of respondents enjoy room services in hotels while 53 per cent of guests are fond of selection of food available at in-house restaurants and the facilities such as pool, sauna stands at 50 per cent. Meanwhile, 40 per cent of respondents enjoy in-room entertainment available in hotels for a satisfactory stay.

Further exploring how Indians like to guest in hotels, the research showed that 32 per cent are content walking around a hotel in their beachwear. 22 per cent like to get changed for dinner to look their best, while 19 per cent are comfortable enough slouching in their pajamas and hotel slippers. 17 per cent respondents revealed that not having to cook for themselves or clean up after (15 per cent) are truly key luxuries that enrich the hotel stay experience.

IHG also created a series of ‘hotel guest archetypes’ as part of the research. Amongst these, 31 per cent are “memories-makers”, focusing on creating memorable experiences and touristing around the local area and 23 per cent classed themselves as a “groupie”, most likely to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. 17 per cent admitted to being “party people”, using the pool by day and going for drinks at night, while 16 per cent were “romance-lovers”, enjoying luxurious, romantic trips with their partners, and finally, 10 per cent are “explorers”, going off the beaten track to discover new experiences.