Germany’s national airline is the latest global airline to reactivate its A380s.

These aircraft are currently in “deep storage” in France and Spain. Lufthansa wants to return some of them to service in summer 2023.

Currently the airline owns eight A380s after six aircraft have already been sold.


Last year we reported that Lufthansa might return its A380s to service at a time when the airline was mulling its fleet strategy.

But nothing further happened until the announcement made yesterday.

Lufthansa says the move is being taken because of “the steep rise in customer demand and the delayed delivery of ordered aircraft.”

It is currently assessing how many A380s it will reactivate and what destinations they will serve.

Lufthansa’s executive board announced the news in a letter to the company’s customers. “In the summer of 2023 we will be welcoming you back on board our A380s.

“We decided today [MONDAY] to put the A380, which continues to enjoy great popularity, back into service in summer 2023.”

So critics who claimed (in the height of the pandemic) that the A380 would never fly again have been proven wrong.

Although it’s speculation at this stage it’s rumoured the next carrier to reactivate its A380s could be Etihad of Abu Dhabi.