The news is speculative but I thought I would share it with our readers as I know many of you are fans of the A380.

Yesterday Germany’s reported that Lufthansa was mulling over its fleet and route strategy for 2022.

According to reliable sources says one of the plans being mooted is to return some superjumbos to service for the summer 2022 timetable.

If five of the A380s fleet were to return they would be based at Lufthansa’s Munich hub.

They would replace the five A340-600s about which we reported only a fortnight ago.

Lufthansa to reactivate five A340-600s

It would make sense because Lufthansa had refitted its A380s with the latest onboard accommodation to make them competitive with rivals.

Refitting an A380 is expensive hence Air France’s decision to retire its fleet early as their interiors needed updating.

Lufthansa has stored almost all its A380s at Tarbes (France) and Teruel (Spain).

Officially the carrier will not confirm anything.

Speaking to, spokesperson Martin Leutke said, “The A380 is a great aircraft, very much appreciated by our customers and crews.

“Nevertheless the use of A380 aircraft in Munich in the coming year is currently neither calculated nor planned.”

However as readers will know by now nothing in aviation is set in stone and this applies more today than ever before.

Of course much depends on future prospects for aviation between now and 2022. Further developments are awaited with interest.