Eastern Airways will not resume the north-south Anglesey to Cardiff route.

On Wednesday the Welsh government announced it would no longer subsidise the route because of environmental concerns and so on.

Some of the money saved would be used to improve the existing rail service along the same route.

See our recent report with embedded video for details about ‘new’ rolling stock being introduced for the rail service.

Transport for Wales Rail upgrades mainline services

The subsidy was substantial. The BBC reports that it amounted to £7.3 million over the past five financial years (bearing in mind the route has been suspended for the past two years because of the pandemic).

I agree that Eastern Airways was deploying small aircraft, but its flights carried over 14,000 travellers in 2018 and 2019 according to the BBC.

The other route now cancelled by Eastern Airways is that between Cardiff and Belfast City.

That route had been postponed a couple of times and now will not return.

Cardiff loses its only link to Belfast

Business Traveller contacted Eastern Airways for comment but the airline did not respond.