Readers flying Lufthansa business class on an A350 can be forgiven for any confusion from next year.

Why? The carrier is leasing four new A350s from Philippine Airlines (PAL) which will expand its A350 fleet to a total of 21 aircraft.

It means that no fewer than 17 of Lufthansa’s A350s will have the airline’s older business class product, which features a layout of 2-2-2 and is a decade old.

By contrast the four PAL A350s will have a much newer layout with direct aisle access. Configuration is the modern 1-2-1 layout.

As yet it is unclear which routes Lufthansa will deploy its PAL A350s on. They may be based at either or both of the carrier’s hubs.

PAL’s A350s have 30 seats in business, 24 in premium economy and 241 in normal economy.

Quoted by Aerotelegraph at a media briefing this week, CEO Carsten Spohr said that “In the cabin you make only minimal changes to the design. In order to create the touch and feel of Lufthansa.”

The CEO confirms that the PAL configuration will not be changed.

Notes Carsten Spohr, “The [PAL] business class is great. It’s not as good as our new product coming in 2023 but it’s better than our current one.”

So what do you, the readers, think of the PAL layout? Is it preferable to Lufthansa’s existing A350 business class?

Here is a video of PAL’s A350 business class, compared to that of Lufthansa’s A350.

Further details will be posted here in due course.